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Following Mass with new Cardinals in St Peter’s Basilica on the First Sunday of Advent, Pope Francis during the Angelus told the faithful that this season is one of expectation and hope.

Past. Present. Future. In physics, they are all the same thing. But to you, me, and everyone else, time moves in one direction: from expectation, through experience, and into memory.

Here’s the photo gallery and story from Columbia on Friday night — an understandably sad end to Catawba Ridge’s history-making, expectation-defying 2020 season: “From where we were last year to where we’re at now is just, it’s an unbelievable story.”

@vermontgmg  In an authoritarian cult of personality, loyalty to the leader is crucial to power in the party. It’s only weird if we ignore how the GOP has protected & supported him against investigations, impeachment, or an expectation of common decency once he owned their base in 2016.

The Guardian view on universal stories: the undoing of expectation | Editorial

The Guardian view on universal stories: the undoing of expectation | Editorial

Panetta: With Next Generation EU, euro area countries have taken a big step towards closer fiscal integration. They have also created the legitimate expectation of a common fiscal response when dealing with a common shock in the future 4/4

@felixsalmon  @NateSilver538I  @TheStalwart  @MikeIsaaca  @ptctually  think higher of journalism in this particular case, hence the higher expectation. I’ve never go around thinking about how to keep Coinbase going but I worry about decline of local news, journalist freedoms etc.

$241 #Alibaba  Health Information Technology Ltd Ali Health (241 HK) : 1HFY21: Results beat market expectation, Direct prescription drugs sales becomes a new growth driver.: Ali Health reported revenue of Rmb7.2b in 1H21, up 74.0% yoy.… #equity  #stocks 

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US stocks are poised for more gains in 2021 with a focus on higher profits and an expectation that the pandemic fades, the bank said.


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There was some expectation that foreign leaders would wait until a Trump concession before congratulating Biden. The fact so many didn’t speaks to the momentum behind Biden and foreign assessments of Trump’s legal arguments.

Never before in our nation’s history has a Supreme Court Justice been nominated and installed while a presidential election is already underway.  It defies every precedent and every expectation of a nation where the people are sovereign and the rule of law reigns.

If you are an Atlanta police officer, the apparent expectation is that if a suspect resists arrests, wrestles you and your partner to the ground, steals a taser, then fires it at you, you will be prosecuted for shooting him even if you are justified in doing so under APD rules.

Most doctors don't go to medical school with the expectation that treating patients will mean putting their own lives on the line. But over the last few weeks, that's what they’ve been doing. On #NationalDoctorsDay , thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do.

Suggesting that Thunberg brought this upon herself. Suggesting that by speaking up, this teen has forfeited any expectation of being treated with decency. Is this the “best” @FLOTUS ⁩ wants us to be?

This is what not impeaching the president leads to: The shrugging expectation that everyone is corrupt and even objecting to it is being a prig. It’s the central goal of The Grifter’s administration—numbness and kleptocracy.

Our world has lost a shining light. Stephen Hawking defied expectation. Blessed with a brilliant mind and uncommon grace, he opened so many minds to the wonders of our universe. Courageous and unbowed by adversity, he believed deeply in the power reason. May he rest in peace.

Old enough to remember when other networks came to the defense of Fox News WH correspondents during the Obama years. Such did not happen here. Lesson for the kids out there: no one should ever try to do the right thing with the expectation it will ever be reciprocated.