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Building on last year’s discussion, and the integration of broader supplemental benefits under new rules for 2020, leaders provided the latest updates on the epicenters for expansion and where Medicare Advantage is headed #ForbesHealth 

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🗣️ @BCCAdam : “Firms need to know that the new rules will be accompanied by commensurate support, by a significant expansion of mass testing, particularly to workplaces across the country, and by a plan to get the economy fully open again." 👇

Rules out allegations of compromising on the environment by approving projects like the expansion of a national highway and double-tracking of a railway line.

#CNBCTV18Exclusive | Digital is a big opportunity for India; Need to update rules to allow expansion of digital platform activities, says Principal Economic Adviser Sanjeev Sanyal @sanjeevsanyal ) in conversation with @Latha_Venkatesh 

You wanted rules, we got you rules 🗒️ 2020 #NWSL  Expansion Rules are here:

Republicans have been successful in maintaining stricter voting rules in some states and preventing expansion in others. How? By mostly arguing over whether state legislatures and governors can change voting rules during an election year.

“Any species that exempts itself from the rules of competition ends up destroying the community in order to support its own expansion.”  ― Daniel Quinn, Ishmael@ranjona  on Attenborough’s latest documentary on how we have overloaded our tiny planet.

Two gas generators filed a complaint with FERC, claiming NYISO's market rules are unjust and discriminatory. Their request mirrors the complaint filed in 2016 that led to the controversial MOPR expansion within PJM.

News story: India has changed to the rules for foreign companies storing oil in its strategic petroleum reserves, a move that could attract investment for necessary SPR expansion | #ArgusOil  #oilstorage  #OOTT  By S Dinakar:

“Any species that exempts itself from the rules of competition ends up destroying the community in order to support its own expansion.”  ― Daniel Quinn, Ishmael


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Three rules change proposals were approved: 2. Make permanent expansion of automatic replay reviews to include scoring plays/turnovers negated by foul 8. Expands defenseless player protection for KR/PR 9. Prevents manipulation of game clock with multiple deal-ball fouls

Gary Bettman indicates that the NHL’s 32nd team — Seattle — will get the same expansion draft rules as Vegas did.

Gary Bettman confirms what reported in March: The Vegas Golden Knights won't participate in the expansion draft for Seattle. Otherwise, same protection rules remain.

The Trump Administration is rewriting the rules on guaranteed health care protections that millions of Americans depend on. They are moving forward on an expansion of junk insurance plans and we need to stop them.

We cannot let the Trump administration rewrite the rules and threaten the guaranteed protections that families need. If you agree, please make your voices heard in support of my Senate resolution to force a vote on overturning Trump’s expansion of junk insurance plans.

It’s funny to me that ppl are mad at the expansion rulesVegas got ... even tho after that exact draft everyone had Vegas as a Bottom 5 team

SCOOP! Draft of House repeal bill: -scraps subsidies, Medicaid expansion -overhauls Medicaid -loosens pre-ex rules

The NHL’s Board of Governors also approved rules for the 2017 Expansion Draft. Details:

Full NHL expansion draft rules:

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