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EXPLAINER: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is working on expanding his weapons arsenal with nuclear-capable missiles hidden in trains that can be launched anywhere along a railway.

Expanding the footprint: Two years in, Whataburger’s new owner works on recipe for expansion

Public health officials in Idaho are expanding health care rationing statewide amid a massive increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations

An unattractive glee in some quarters at Aust being unnecessarily ruder than needed towards the French. You can support expanding Australia's sub capability and the alliance without cheerleading the treatment of a country we actively encouraged to show interest in our region.

Gov't eyes expanding soft launch of digital #COVID19  vaccine cert to 4 more areas

Gov't eyes expanding soft launch of digital #COVID19  vaccine cert to 4 more areas

$6186 #China  Feihe Ltd ... China Dairy : Resilient 2H21 outlook; Attractive valuation.: China dairy companies reported stellar sales growth and expanding margins in 1H21. We maintain our positive outlook on this sector, thanks to: a)… #equity  #stocks 

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-- Australia pledges more freedom for vaccinated citizens using vaccine passports and expanding home quarantine. -- The U.S. will reportedly begin shipping 2.58 million more vaccine doses to the Philippines. Find out more about coronavirus on our blog:

News story: Brazilian#naturalgas  companies are expanding small-scale #LNG  distribution in the face of persistent obstacles to accessing pipelines dominated by state-owned @petrobras  | #ArgusGas  #pipelines  By Argus:

One side is energized by the prospect of the greatest expansion of government support since the New Deal nearly a century ago. The other is fearful about dramatically expanding Washington's reach at an enormous cost.


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In Maine, we have no voter ID laws, we have same day registration, we have no-excuse absentee voting, we have mail-in voting, we have early voting, we have 24/7 drop boxes. And we have virtually no fraud. Expanding ballot access doesn't encourage fraud; it encourages VOTING.

A reminder: Democrats control the White House & both chambers of Congress. In theory, there is nothing stopping them from abolishing the filibuster, codifying Roe, & expanding the court. In practise, Joe Biden defers to Joe Manchin on the issue of democracy and protecting it.

Note to “neutral” news media: If you choose to use the term “court packing” instead of “expanding the court” you have chosen sides.

We just got a BIG win for the people of Michigan. Open up your Churches and your Schools. Auto companies pouring in and expanding (thank you Mr. President!). Have fun!

Mitch McConnell’s legislative graveyard: Trillions in coronavirus relief: 121 days Expanding voting rights: 281 days Protecting elections: 326 days Lowering drug prices: 486 days Protecting coverage for preexisting conditions: 493 days Universal background checks: 564 days

Trump just promised that if he wins reelection he'll gut Social Security and Medicare. A vote for @JoeBiden  in November means protecting and expanding these benefits—ensuring our seniors have the ability to retire with dignity.

Cases are going up in the U.S. because we are testing far more than any other country, and ever expanding. With smaller testing we would show fewer cases!

The Universe is expanding. Marvel Studios’ "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier," "WandaVision," and "Loki" are coming soon to @disneyplus . #DisneyPlus 

So it’s ok for Donald Trump & 1st Lady but he opposes expanding mail-in voting to vets, seniors, students &everyone else? AMERICA, please demand congress pass my bill & fund vote-by-mail now. President Trump requests absentee ballot - The Palm Beach Post

Just landed in Michigan. Car companies, and many others, are building and expanding here. Great to see!