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Moving averages are great tools for a trader to use, but they are best used along with an overbought/oversold oscillator like the RSI. This maximizes exit profitability on extensions from a moving average.

#I70 eastbound: Roadway reopened to traffic between Exit 205 - US 6; CO 9; Silverthorne and Exit 216 - US 6; Loveland Pass.

Mark Zuckerberg says WhatsApp users can now exit groups unnoticed with new privacy features -

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#I70 eastbound: Right shoulder closed due to a vehicle fire between Exit 180 - East Vail and Exit 190 - Vail Pass Summit. Slower speeds advised.

Jane Lynch Moves Up Exit From ‘Funny Girl’ on Broadway

BJP Knew Nitish Kumar Was Ready To Exit, Didn't Try To Stop Him

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‘Expats won’t wait for the shooting to start’: firms draw up Taiwanexit plans via @scmpnews 

I-10 blocked by major accident just west of Dauphin Islandexit

Authorities are investigating the chain of events that led to a deadly crash on I-25 near the MeadexitMonday evening.


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Design a utopia to exit this dystopia.

I am mostly alarmed at the constant refrain that we had a "bad year" - that has been the case since like, 2015 now. It seems more likely that our society has entered a period of chronic failure and inhumanity, and that if we want to exit, we have to actually do something about it

Reporters were asked to leave Uvalde City Hall because people are intimidated by us. Texas legislators are meeting here with law enforcement behind closed doors. The fire marshal also told a local chaplain and father of a victim to exit from the building.

SCOOP: @Sen_JoeManchin  has told associates that he is considering leaving the Democratic Party. And he already has an exit plan. Please read and RT.

The intellectual dishonesty that we have seen in critiques of Biden's handling of the exit from Afghanistan has been spectacular.

There is a great shift under way. We are, all 70 million of us, and our families, going to make our exit OUT of liberal institutions of indoctrination. This means schools, universities, media, entertainment. This won’t happen overnight but it’s happening already. We’re outta here

It’s insane to me how many people think I will be upset about racists unfolllowing me. You don’t really even need to announce your exit. You have my blessing. Go. Go now. One quick push of a button and you don’t have to look in the mirror or confront who you really are.

National Suicide Hotline 1 800 273 8255 I’ve brushed up against this darkness and I know it’s a tempting exit but REACH OUT to ANYONE. Stay on this side of it — in the light and warmth. Where you get to try again, every day.

If the results are in Modi’s favor on 23rd (as all exit polls are saying), just one request to the opposition. Please, please spend the next 5 years improving yourselves rather than hating Modi.

Didn’t want #BTSLoveYourselfTour  to end but at least had the most adorable exit ever. ??? #bts  #BTSWorldTour