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Because the Vikings are playing Thursday, they had to put out an injury report even though they didn't practice today. They estimated Thielen, Cook, Darrisaw, and Lynch wouldn't have practiced, while, notably, Kendricks and Barr would've been limited.

A Sri Lankan man living in Pakistan was beaten, tortured, and burnt as a lynch mob sought justice after he was accused of blasphemy against Islam at the factory he managed in Sialkot.

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Rebekah Stott’s return after cancer gives Melbourne City a win before even kicking a ball | Joey Lynch

Vikings LB Blake Lynch, who filled in for Anthony Barr , on how he approached playing soft zone coverage on Lions final drive: "Time was running down, they didn’t have any timeouts so obviously we were trying to keep them in bounds, keep the clock running. That was our mindset.

Becky Lynch celebrates her daughter’s first birthday with beautiful message #Headlines  #WWE  #BeckyLynch 

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Rebekah Stott’s return after cancer gives Melbourne City a win before even kicking a ball | Joey Lynch

Is tonight the night? As the great Becky Lynch knows, the #Isles  haven’t won a “match” since Nov 6.


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15 years ago today, Marshawn Lynch decided to take a joyride on the injury cart 😂

AOC (152,661 votes) and Maxine Waters (152,272 votes) are part of lynch mob trying to destroy Congresswoman Marjorie Greene (229,827 votes).they should calm down and read the history of John Wilkes in the 1770s and the principle that the people’s vote matters more than parliament

Four years ago the press and the right erupted over the *appearance* of a possible conflict when Lynch met with Clinton, arguing improper political influence on prosecutions. Now the Barr/Trumpist position is: political influence on prosecutions is great and we need more of it.

Marshawn Lynch in a charity soccer game went...about how you'd expect ? (h/t @brfootball , @brgridiron )

"Take care of y'all bread, so when y'all done, you can go ahead and take care of yourself." Marshawn Lynch used his time at the podium to give advice to younger players ?

Trump said Marshawn Lynch was unpatriotic for taking a knee Marshawn: “That motherf**ker say a lot of sh*t.” Legend. ?

Little man really did the Marshawn Lynch TD celebration. ?? (via legendbey7/Instagram)

In 2017, Marshawn Lynch had a one-game suspension ... so he showed up to play at his high school alma mater ? (via @MoneyLynch )

@GenFlynn  was wrongly targeted. • The Steele Dossier was made-up. • The Russia-collusion narrative was a farce. Obama’s White House and Justice Department led the way on these lies. Time for Susan Rice, James Clapper, and Loretta Lynch to answer for what transpired.

Nine years ago today, Marshawn Lynch decimated the entire New Orleans defense with one of the greatest runs ever. BEAST QUAKE. (via @NFLhistory )