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29-year-old Christina Nance was found dead inside a police van in Alabama after being missing for nearly two weeks. Her family members say they're unsatisfied with explanations from police.

What happened to Christina Nance and why it took police nearly two weeks to find her body on Oct. 7 in the busy municipal parking lot remain a mystery — even after officials on Friday released surveillance footage.

Sadiqa Reynolds and Christina Shadle verbally resigned during a meeting Saturday morning.

The @EvaWiseman : The first week back in the office – and WFH begins to seem easy

3 Lessons Farmgirl Flowers Founder Christina Stembel Has Picked Up on the Road to $100 Million in Revenue | by @iamgabigarrett 

Huntsville police say they plan to release video showing Christina Nance getting into an old, unused police van outside the Huntsville public safety complex, where her body was found last week.

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Eva Rosenberg: Navigating the California Employee vs Independent Contractor Maze: Subtitle: Playing 10 Questions with California’s Employment Development Department Since the California… > @TaxMama  #EnrolledAgent  #EA  #IRS 

Authorities said an officer walking to a police car found Christina Nance’s body in an old, unused Huntsville Police Department van parked outside the Huntsville Public Safety Complex last Thursday. It wasn’t clear how long the body had been inside.


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RNC chair Ronna McDaniel blasts Democrats for opening their convention with actress Eva Longoria... Republicans opened their convention with actor Jon Voight. #RNCConvention2020 

Happy Birthday to my two sweeties Eva and Mateo! ?????? We love you to the end of the world?? #prouddad 

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One of my favorite songs of all time covered by one of my favorite people of all time. I can’t stop crying. We miss you so much christina. ❤️

...talks big for the worker, but never delivers. Tim Ryan was a failed Presidential candidate and he keeps failing Ohio. Vote for Christina Hagan, who has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #OH13 

Christina Hagan@RepHagan ) will be an incredible Congresswoman for the working families of Northeast Ohio. An early supporter of our #MAGA  agenda, she is Strong on Jobs, Border Security and your Second Amendment. Christina is running against an absolute failure, Tim Ryan, who...

Remembering our friend and @Lakers  legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter, Gianna & all of those we lost. ?? Alyssa Altobelli ?? John Altobelli ?? Keri Altobelli ?? Christina Mauser ?? Payton Chester ?? Sarah Chester ?? Ara Zobayan ?? Gianna Bryant ?? Kobe Bryant

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“I’m scared, I think, more than anything… She was warm. She was incredibly bright.” Matt Mauser, husband of Christina Mauser, who is one of the victims in LA-area helicopter crash, remembers his wife and their friend Kobe Bryant