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Those bloody Europeans. Absolutely useless compared to our boys (and Priti Patel). Brexit should be a doddle with our superheroes after the fantastic job they have done on Covid. ‘Apparent success’ said the Liar in Chief. Back in hibernation now post Operation defend Dom

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(addendum: I should not have said the word “still,” as it absolutely gives the wrong vibe. West Africa has never been a backwater unless you asked the Europeans who invaded. Also please give us the ability to edit tweets.)

"Believing that stopping flights from Europe coming into your country will stop a virus is absolutely ridiculous" French MP Bruno Bonnell says Europeans will fly to the US via the UK - which is exempt from President Trump's travel ban #R4Today 

The Turkish president’s decision to send back foreign citizens who supported the Islamic State is handing Western Europe a problem it had hoped to avoid: The return of radicalized Europeans to countries that absolutely do not want them.

Discussing with Europeans #Antisemitism  is somewhat useless. There are the ones who understand the problem and are absolutely no antisemites - those you don‘t need to explain anything. Then there are the antisemites - those you can‘t explain anything. And then there are 1/

'I'm absolutely clear that if we take the right approach to this, the Europeans would be willing to negotiate on the package,' British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt says. #WorldNews 

As bad as this loss was for the Americans, it was a stunning, surprising and absolutely unqualified success for the Europeans.

'The Europeans haven't just beaten them, they've absolutely hammered them." ? #TeamEurope  win the #RyderCup  ? |

Absolutely one to watch at the upcoming U18 Europeans in Hungary. #RTEsport 

Sanders says Trump has confidence in US team previously under Tillerson and McMaster negotiating with the Europeans on Iran: absolutely the President has a great deal of confidence.