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🗣️ "Why, therefore, are local MPs having to fight a rearguard action to maintain direct rail services between Sheffield and Manchester Airport which is one of the country’s biggest gateways to Europe and beyond?"

Disruption to the flow of goods between the UK and Europe will get worse before getting better, MPs have been warned. Fisheries consultant Terri Portmann said the new post-Brexit regime was "an unmitigated disaster" 👇 Read more here: cc @Foodanddrinkfed 

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Suddenly Tory MPs have woken up to the serious barriers that now exist for musicians & other musicians who tour across Europe! @BBCParliament 

"We will try and shift the leadership as, and when it needs to shift towards rejoining." @RosieDuffield1  explains how many Labour MPs still hold out hope of rejoining Europe on this week's #CommonsPeople . Listen now:

Just two Tory MPs, Owen Paterson and John Redwood, rebelled by abstaining from the vote to write the government’s free-trade agreement with Europe into law

"With this bill we're going to become... the best friend and ally the EU could have" Boris Johnson tells MPs the Brexit trade deal is a "historic resolution" to Britain's "vexed" relationship with Europe

Boris Johnson promised this morning that his Brexit deal would open a new chapter in Britain’s relationship with Europe but he faced criticism from MPs about its lack of provisions for the services sector

Prank calls fooled Tory MPs into easing opposition to Europe policy


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So many MPs namedrop bands and artists in order for them to seem relevant/ cool. We now need them to help us. The UK music industry contributed £5.8bn to our economy in 2019. - for that to continue, we need to be able to tour Europe. Please sign

“The language of surrender suggests we are at war either with Europe or each other. We are not. The safety of MPs should not depend on the way they vote.”

? Over 80% of Scottish MPs just voted against Boris Johnson's Brexit, but Scotland will be dragged out of the EU anyway. ⏰ It's time to choose a better future as an independent country in Europe. Sign and share the pledge: #WithdrawalAgreementBill 

NEW: Dominic Grieve tells Commons that Japanese deputy ambassador told some MPs at private meeting: “You do realise that every Japanese company will be gone in ten years time if you dont have frictionless trade [with Europe]”

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? Labour MPs just delivered Boris Johnson his first Brexit parliamentary win, voting for his #BrexitDeal . ??????? Every single SNP MP voted against it. We will protect Scotland's place in Europe.

Here is something I don’t understand about the way MPs vote on Brexit. I understand how you can construct an argument that a long-term geopolitical realignment and modification of our economic model towards the US and away from Europe is desirable. I don’t agree - fine /1

Trying to turn people against Parliament is a desperate desperate move. It deserves to fail. MPs should hold firm. And Europe should be prepared for longer extension. This is a shaming shameful day for the U.K.

My reply to the UK MPs on the status of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens living and working in Europe:

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