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Devastating, unviable, admin overload: UK stage companies count cost of Brexit. New visa rules, taxes and transport restrictions are some of the hurdles British dance and theatre organisations must now overcome to tour Europe#brexit  #arts  #culture 

British filmmaker Guy Ritchie has signed on to direct his first wartime film, based on Damien Lewis’s nonfiction book Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: How Churchill’s Secret Warriors Set Europe Ablaze and Gave Birth to Modern Black Ops.

Europe’s airline and hotel stocks soar after British holidaymakers get the all-clear to book travel via @josephjett 

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Andy Trust has been exporting fish for 20 years. 7 weeks into the new reality of Brexit Britain: "The cost of sending fish into Europe has more than trebled. In an industry that operates on thin profit margins, it could destroy British fishing”

Andy Trust has been exporting fish to continental Europe for 20 years. Post-Brexit, he is contemplating ending his European operation. "The cost of sending into Europe has more than trebled ... it could destroy British fishing"

The former Sky News Australia chief is now a central player in the biggest upheaval in British broadcasting for more than three decades. Europe correspondent @BevanShields  reports.

"The government promised a good relationship with our closest neighbours, yet today's new figures show that Brexit continues to pull up the drawbridge to Europe and is driving European students away from British universities"

The UK refused to negotiate visa exemptions for British artists touring Europe post-Brexit, saying it would prevent them from regaining control of the borders. Some are still asking for a deal, but the culture minister says it's just not possible.

The experience of @bennett_silks  in my constituency is troubling and replicated across the nation, with British businesses facing increasing problems in exporting to Europe. Job losses in a pandemic makes it harder than ever for our community to recover.

Revolut is on a mission to build a global digital bank. The British company is already one of Europe's biggest fintechs. Now Revolut is setting its sights on a bigger prize: America.


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I think that, sooner or later, the British will re-enter Europe, admittedly as refugees

You can't run a decent democracy without reliable information The Briish Press has been voted the least trustworthy in Europe for four consecutive years Several Editors should be in prison A genuine question : Why aren't my British twits more concerned ?

Every time the British government says it’s secured meaningful concessions from Europe

Today in 1945, the Allies were victorious in Europe. Across the continent, British soldiers paused for celebration before beginning the task of the reconstruction and, for some, finishing the War in the Far East. We remember them #VEDay75  @PoppyLegion  @NAM_London 

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This appears to be an assault on academia’s freedom to speak truth to power from the very heart of our government. Good job we’ve got all those free speech warriors on standby. Mary Beard blocked by No 10 as British Museum trustee 'for pro-Europe views'

“The President has received glowing reviews from the British Media. Here at home, not so much. MSNBC Ramps up hateful coverage and promotes conspiracy theories during Trump’s trip to Europe.” @seanhannity  The good news is that @maddow  is dying in the ratings, along with @CNN !

“Brexit is based on a colossal myth - that Europe controls our laws. In fact, virtually any decision that affects the practical life of British people is decided not in Brussels but here in Britain. The NHS, education, crime, taxes, welfare, pensions, defence.” RT Tony Blair

First time back in continental Europe since Brexit. I was once so proud to be part of the Union. Now embarrassed to be British.

Nick Nurse has been grinding for almost 30 years. It paid off. ◻️Youngest US college coach ◻️11 years in Europe ◻️Player-coach in British League ◻️Helped found G-League team ◻️G-League head coach ◻️Raptors assistant ◻️Raptors head coach ◻️NBA champion

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Just looking at my schedule for the summer- going to Brazil a few times, China, all over Europe and the British Virgin Islands.Cant wait;)