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Citigroup will exit retail banking in 13 markets across Asia and the Europe, Middle East and Africa region

The #New EuropeanBauhaus supports the ambition to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, adding a cultural dimension to our #EUGreenDeal . It's time to speak up! Join Commissioner@GabrielMariya  & register to the Conference on 22-23 April:

Yesterday it was announced that a unique Roman villa unlike any other in Europe had been found in Scarborough - just hours later, nighthawkers damaged the building and have potentially removed items from the site

According to the United Nations, global foreign direct investment flows were down 42% in 2020, with severe declines in Europe and North America driving the downturn. Learn more:

The new #ErasmusPlus  is here! With a budget of over €26B for 6 years, this program will benefit 10M people of all ages and backgrounds – in Europe AND North America. You could be one of them. 👉 Join us April 23 for an info session on these opportunities.

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Pandemic hits 'critical point' as Europe deaths top one million

Thank you @antoniocostapm  for your #EBRD30  birthday greetings. Portugal was there right at the start of the EBRD story in 1991. Together with the EU as a whole, it has been a very strong partner and supporter of everything we do in Europe and beyond.

1 million people have died from COVID-19 in Europe, a top World Health Organization doctor said

How might U.S. trade relations with Europe and China evolve in 2021? Analyst Katie Deal shares her view.


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Our prayers are with the people of Vienna after yet another vile act of terrorism in Europe. These evil attacks against innocent people must stop. The U.S. stands with Austria, France, and all of Europe in the fight against terrorists, including radical Islamic terrorists.

Somebody please tell Congressman Clyburn, who doesn’t have a clue, that the chart he put up indicating more CASES for the U.S. than Europe, is because we do MUCH MORE testing than any other country in the World. If we had no testing, or bad testing, we would show very few CASES..

Champions of England 🏆 Champions of Europe 🏆 Champions of the World 🏆

So now the Fake News@nytimes  is tracing the CoronaVirus origins back to Europe, NOT China. This is a first! I wonder what the Failing New York Times got for this one? Are there any NAMED sources? They were recently thrown out of China like dogs, and obviously want back in. Sad!

Adding Europe and America to the tour next year!! Going to countries and cities we have never toured before, really excited!

HOLY SHIT. In just the last 30 minutes we learned that: Travel from Europe is going to stop for 30 days. Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson have tested positive for coronavirus. The NBA season has been suspended.

Europe you have been absolutely amazing to us! I'm sure we will see u all very soon! Thank you for making my dreams come through !

Looking forward to going to places in the states and Europe that we've never been before