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Sex bots for seniors: Ethicist calls for android assistance to revive sex lives of over-65s

A @NYTmag  reader asks The Ethicist: “Is it ethically appropriate for me to forgo testing in the absence of a compelling personal need?”

Pay people to get COVID-19 jab to ensure widespread coverage, says leading ethicist

"He complains bitterly about how horrible it is living with us, when we asked him to move, he refused." In @NYTmag , the Ethicist responds to a woman whose 30-something son moved in and is proving to be a terrible roommate.

A single mother by choice asks whether to introduce her daughter to other families who conceived using the same sperm donor. The @NYTmag 's Ethicist columnist replies.

“I’m surprised they haven’t been used earlier,” said an ethicist about human challenge trials on coronavirus vaccines. “Every day that you delay developing a vaccine and effective treatment, another 5,000 people die."

#COVID19 triggered wave of ‘fraud and quackery’ in medical research, leading ethicist warns — RT World News

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a surge in potentially flawed scientific studies as researchers rush to publish results without adequate oversight, a leading medical ethicist said

3 common excuses from people who don't vote and why their reasoning flawed, according to an ethicist (via @ConversationUS )

While the rest of us were baking bread, @strombo  landed his biggest gig to date @AppleMusic . In this profile for @TorontoStar , the punk ethicist goes deep on sports media’s implosion, the murder of his friend, @Much  & the art of successful hosting.


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Salesforce is one of the first companies in tech to have a ethicist'>Chief Ethicist ⁦⁦ @pdgoldman ⁩ to guide the company in making difficult decisions in its operations using a unique process to document the potential unintended consequences of actions.

INCREDIBLE. Can think of no better example of REASON over EMOTION VIRTUE over VENGEANCE. Christian Cooper has dissected a topic (he is the subject and victim of!)––that nearly everyone else sees as simple black & white headline––with rare nuance Give him the Ethicist column.

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Breaking News: Researchers removed the brains from 32 dead pigs and, hours later, restored some cellular activity. An ethicist called the brains “partly alive."

Researchers removed the brains from 32 dead pigs and, hours later, restored some cellular activity. An ethicist called the brains "partly alive."

Should you report a colleague who appears to do nothing? Our ethicist weighs in.

That this man continues to be taken seriously is one of the wonders of the moden media world, or maybe, alas, it isn't. --> The Media's Favorite 'Ethicist'

We interviewed a former Google design ethicist to understand how smartphones are addicting, and how to beat that.

The ubiquitous Richard Painter, posing as a Republican. A richly deserved takedown, —> The Media's Favorite 'Ethicist' via

ethicist art caplan'>Medical Ethicist Art Caplan says as long as the pharmaceutical industry remains unregulated companies can continue to determine drug prices.