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NBA Top Shot creator on the NFT craze and why Ethereum still isn't consumer friendly by @lucasmtny 

#Bitcoin, #Ethereum  will draw their market strength from this key aspect

Remember that "erroneously high" gas fee that cost @ethfinex  $23.7 million on a transaction that should've cost $5? A friendly Ethereum miner has returned the funds. @Blockanaliareports 

Ethereum price drops below $3,000 again

Here's why a multi-CBDC bridge is being tested on #Ethereum 

LIVE on "The Hash": 💰 @coinbase  will allow users to deposit paycheckss 🐝 ethereum'>Chinese Ethereum mining pool @beepools  closes 🪙 @RevolutApp  to launch crypto tokens 💽 U.S. Senators proposes tracking foreign crypto mining Watch on :


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US Gov out of money. Shutdown looming. Dems blame Republicans for the problem. Evergrande Chinas biggest property developer with 800 projects in 200 cities out of money. Get the message? Get gold, silver, Bitcoin, ethereum before the biggest crash in history. Take care.

Returns over last year... Cardano $ADA: +3,290% BinanceCoin $BNB: +3,058% Polkadot $DOT: +1,353% Ethereum $ETH: +1,171% Uniswap $UNI: +953% Chainlink $LINK: +875% Bitcoin $BTC: +728% XRP $XRP: +532% Litecoin $LTC: +406% Bitcoin Cash $BCH: +161% Gold: +3% US Dollar Index $USD: -8%

Crypto Correction... Bitcoin $BTC: -54% Ethereum $ETH: -57% Cardano $ADA: -58% Stellar $XLM: -62% Solana $SOL: -63% XRP $XRP: -64% Binance Coin $BNB: -65% Polkadot $DOT: -65% Chainlink $LINK: -66% Litecoin $LTC: -67% Uniswap $UNI: -67% Bitcoin Cash $BCH: -70% Dogecoin $DOGE: -70%

Learn about Sandbox & Earn $SAND ($600K) Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences on Ethereum. Receive 10 $SAND and 50 Diamonds! currency #CoinMarketCap  #LearnAndEarn  #Crypto  #Cryptocurrency  #Sandbox  #SAND 

NEW: Ethereum founder @VitalikButerin  has told dog-themed memecoin creators to bark up another tree, moving trillions of tokens he was gifted. A billion dollars worth of $SHIB was sent to an Indian COVID relief fund. @zackseward  reports

Returns over last yr... Dogecoin $DOGE: +15,720% BinanceCoin $BNB: +3,819% Cardano $ADA: +3,585% Ethereum $ETH: +1,262% Polkadot $DOT: +1,135% Chainlink $LINK: +1,014% Bitcoin $BTC: +719% XRP $XRP: +680% Litecoin $LTC: +554% Bitcoin Cash $BCH: +345% Gold: +4% US Dollar Index: -9%

Value of $1,000 invested 1 year ago: Dogecoin: $274,521 Ethereum: $17,186 Bitcoin: $5,872 Penn National: $4,700 The Gap: $4,375 Tesla: $4,103 Moderna: $2,754 FedEx: $2,613 Zoom: $1,900 Twitter: $1,797 PayPal: $1,748 Google: $1,728 Apple: $1,679 Amazon: $1,383

Value of $1,000 invested 5 years ago: Ethereum: $273,716 Bitcoin: $148,194 Shopify: $41,662 AMD: $28,639 Etsy: $26,388 Nvidia: $17,071 Tesla: $14,975 PayPal: $7,101 Amazon: $5,530 Netflix: $5,050 Apple: $4,799 Microsoft: $4,670 Salesforce: $3,055 Google: $3,016 Facebook: $2,803