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Catch @Manisha3005  in conversation with the founder of Ethereum Push Notification Service@epnsproject ), @harshrajat , about crypto trends in IndiaTune into @WazirXIndia  & CNBC-TV18 present 'Crypto: Digital Assets Of The Future', on Saturday & Sunday at 5 pm.

"Elon Musk having ether in his bags is certainly not bad for Ethereum," @myetherwallet 's @RatherBeThePope  says. But this Elon bump is met with "irrational enthusiasm." Watch the full markets update, sponsored by @GrayscaleInvest :

To book profits, here's what traders can do with their #Ethereum  holdings

#Polygon will move ahead of #Ethereum  in this sector if..

During a conference on Wednesday, the second richest man in the world suggested how much he has tied up in cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

How a 12-Year-Old Made Over $160,000 in Ethereum on #NFTs  in One Day. $ETH

Macro Guru Raoul Pal Says He’s Accumulating New Crypto Asset in Addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum

A #DeFi  - #Ethereum  season is unlikely to happen unless...


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Crypto, % below 2021 high Bitcoin $BTC: -54% Cardano $ADA: -55% Ethereum $ETH: -59% Solana $SOL: -59% Binance $BNB: -61% Uniswap $UNI: -66% XRP $XRP: -72% Chainlink $LINK: -73% Stellar $XLM: -73% Litecoin $LTC: -73% BitcoinCash $BCH: -75% Dogecoin $DOGE: -77% Polkadot $DOT: -78%

Crypto Correction... Bitcoin $BTC: -54% Ethereum $ETH: -57% Cardano $ADA: -58% Stellar $XLM: -62% Solana $SOL: -63% XRP $XRP: -64% Binance Coin $BNB: -65% Polkadot $DOT: -65% Chainlink $LINK: -66% Litecoin $LTC: -67% Uniswap $UNI: -67% Bitcoin Cash $BCH: -70% Dogecoin $DOGE: -70%

NEW: Ethereum founder @VitalikButerin  has told dog-themed memecoin creators to bark up another tree, moving trillions of tokens he was gifted. A billion dollars worth of $SHIB was sent to an Indian COVID relief fund. @zackseward  reports

the ethereum market is hinting at a bull run for #NFTs  🚀

Returns over last yr... Dogecoin $DOGE: +15,720% BinanceCoin $BNB: +3,819% Cardano $ADA: +3,585% Ethereum $ETH: +1,262% Polkadot $DOT: +1,135% Chainlink $LINK: +1,014% Bitcoin $BTC: +719% XRP $XRP: +680% Litecoin $LTC: +554% Bitcoin Cash $BCH: +345% Gold: +4% US Dollar Index: -9%

Returns over last year... Cardano $ADA: +3,290% BinanceCoin $BNB: +3,058% Polkadot $DOT: +1,353% Ethereum $ETH: +1,171% Uniswap $UNI: +953% Chainlink $LINK: +875% Bitcoin $BTC: +728% XRP $XRP: +532% Litecoin $LTC: +406% Bitcoin Cash $BCH: +161% Gold: +3% US Dollar Index $USD: -8%

Value of $1,000 invested 1 year ago: Dogecoin: $274,521 Ethereum: $17,186 Bitcoin: $5,872 Penn National: $4,700 The Gap: $4,375 Tesla: $4,103 Moderna: $2,754 FedEx: $2,613 Zoom: $1,900 Twitter: $1,797 PayPal: $1,748 Google: $1,728 Apple: $1,679 Amazon: $1,383

Value of $1,000 invested 5 years ago: Ethereum: $273,716 Bitcoin: $148,194 Shopify: $41,662 AMD: $28,639 Etsy: $26,388 Nvidia: $17,071 Tesla: $14,975 PayPal: $7,101 Amazon: $5,530 Netflix: $5,050 Apple: $4,799 Microsoft: $4,670 Salesforce: $3,055 Google: $3,016 Facebook: $2,803