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Ethelred the Unready is my style icon. Particularly digging his lucky cucumber.

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Ethelred, who wasn’t Unready; Haile Selassie; last emperor of China: #Top10  Monarchs Who Reigned Twice @IndyVoices 

@Zettel314 If you accept pre-democracy candidates... Ethelred the Unready.

@notsalome sorry to be bearer of bad news. There was a king called "Ethelred" (The Unready). I like roosters, pick him up, keep him tame

@BenedictEvans @johnath  Um. As a descendent of Ethelred the Unready (not joking): um.

Hillary the Inevitable and Ethelred the Unready | column by Bob Tyrrell via @NewsBusters 

@EUnready those cars, Ethelred, are unready.

You're so unready for this jelly I'ma call you Ethelred.