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More Points Proving the Bright Future of Fintech ETFs Read More > PtCg3HH8mh#etf  #investing  #stocks  #business  #news 

Tailwinds And Protection Come Together in NUSI Read More > #etf  #investing  #stocks  #business  #news 

Here's a trade in the $TLT ETF following today's excellent jobs report

Vanguard And State Street Are Resisting The Hot New ETFCraze ^ @FAmagazine 

Oil, Up from the "Global Storage Crisis" Lows in April ETF $USO: +71% Brent Front Month: +143% WTI 2nd Month: +250% Via @BearTrapsReport 


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Start small. $10 a month. Buy an index ETF. Up the ante. $50 a month. Then $100. Eventually, more. Buy some stocks. Hold them for years. The market drops? Buy more. Big news headlines? Ignore ‘em. Invest every month. That’s Foolish.

WHY IS DOLLAR DYING? 2008 Fed printed $4.5 Trillion to save rich. 2020 Fed will have to print $6-8 Trillion, maybe more to save US economy. There is only $9.5 Trillion in gold in WHOLE WORLD. Buy real gold silver Bitcoin. No paper ETF gold or silver. PhDs at Fed are IDIOTS.

Where did GLD get the "gold" needed to back up its ETF? Well, they "borrowed" it from HSBC and HSBC "borrowed" it from the Bank of England, which still has custody. Got it? It's paper gold supporting paper gold behind a paper gold share. Read all about it:

BREAKING: The SEC has postponed its decision on the VanEck/SolidX bitcoin ETF to February 2019.

BREAKING: The SEC has published a bitcoin ETF proposal in the Federal Register, starting the clock on the latest push to launch a fund. reports

VanEck, SolidX and Cboe met with SEC staff on Monday to demonstrate how the bitcoin market is ready for an ETF.

BREAKING: CBOE has withdrawn proposal for VanEck SolidX bitcoin ETF

Actively challenge what an ETF can do with Oppenheimer Smart Beta ETFs. Now that’s smart.

Media elites don't like new democratically elected president of Brazil (Brazil's Donald Trump). Headline 'Fear and anger won the election in Brazil. It could happen here too' . The market loves the pro-America, anti-corruption pro-growth platform. Brazil ETF $EWZ up 6%