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Health ministers from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark and Sweden are demanding an explanation from Pfizer regarding the “unacceptable” delays in their vaccine delivery.

Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are not happy with Pfizer's deliveries delay

"Not only does it impact the planned vaccination schedules, it also decreases the credibility of the vaccination process," said the health ministers of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Baltic nations top 'startup-friendly' category: Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania led 22 countries including the United States, Britain, Israel, France and Germany in the ranking from Index Ventures. #Entrepreneur  #venturecapital  #startups 

VC firm @IndexVentures  has created a startup-friendliness country ranking, based on favourability of stock option policies. Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania top the list. Greece did not even make it in there. Time to change that.

Apparently you don't get press freedom in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia if you're a Moscow-linked journalist

Very calm night in Europe with 1 or less aircraft airborne in several countries including Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

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The United States has allocated $169 million in military aid to the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for 2021, the Estonian Defense Ministry said Wednesday.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania all border Russia, and aid to them was earmarked through a new joint U.S.-Baltic security program.


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➡️ Canada, European NATO countries added $130B in defense spending since 2016 ➡️ Britain, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania set to hit goals this year ➡️ Majority of members set to hit goals by 2024 NATO is back on track!

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Today, it was my honor to welcome Estonia President , Lithuania President , and Latvia President to the . Congratulations on your 100th anniversaries of independence! : #BalticSummit 

23 Countries Blast China at UN Over #Xinjiang  Abuses Albania Australia Austria Belgium Canada Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Iceland Ireland Japan Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg The Netherlands New Zealand Norway Sweden UK US

Today we mark the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way. Around two million people from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania formed a 600km long human chain, demonstrating their unity in their efforts towards freedom. They helped overcome divisions and unify Europe. #BalticWay30 

Protesters form a human chain Friday night called “Hong Kong Way.” Organizers commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the Baltic Way, an estimated 2 million person chain across Lithuania, Estonia & Latvia on August 23rd, 1989 to protest Soviet oppression. #MolotovRibbentrop80 

15 years ago... Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia joined the EU. ?????????????????????? This was largest single enlargement in terms of people and number of countries, uniting Europe.

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By my count, ’s EU/USSR comparison has prompted public criticism from 3 EU ambassadors to UK (Sweden, Latvia, Estonia), two former FCO perm secs (Ricketts/Fraser), the Commission & Brexiteer@SteveBakerH , & public praise from Anyone left out?

Diplomats expelled from Russia: US: 60 UK: 23 Ukraine: 13 Poland: 4 Germany: 4 Czech Republic: 3 Lithuania: 3 Moldova: 3 Denmark: 2 Spain: 2 Italy: 2 Netherlands: 2 Latvia: 1 Norway: 1 Romania: 1 Finland: 1 Croatia: 1 Sweden: 1 Estonia: 1 military attache Ireland: 1

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