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Most pot analysts had tempered their expectations heading into last week’s earnings bonanza, yet all of the big companies that reported results still missed estimates

Brown University’s Costs of War Project estimates that the federal government has spent $5.4 trillion thus far on our post-9/11 conflicts. And at least another $1 trillion in obligations will come due over the next several decades for veteran care.

ICYMI: Global, regional, and national estimates of levels of preterm birth in 2014: a systematic review and modelling analysis #WorldPrematurityDay 

FY2021 EPS Estimates for American Equity Investment Life Holding Increased by B. Riley $AEL

Q3 2020 EPS Estimates for Cae Inc Cut by Analyst $CAE

Q1 2020 EPS Estimates for D. R. Horton Inc Lifted by Analyst $DHI


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NEW: CBO estimates the FY 2019 budget deficit was $984 billion, just missing the $1 trillion mark. The deficit is up 50% since Trump took office. 2019: $984 bn 2018: $779 bn 2017: 665 bn 2016: $585 bn 2015: $442 bn 2014: $485 bn

It looks like fake farmer Devin Nunes bought a "farm" in his district so he can claim he's a real farmer. Based on its 15K declared value, the Sacramento Beeestimates the Nunes farm is about "100 square feet."

"Moody’s Analyticsestimates that Trump’s trade war has already reduced US employment by 300,000 jobs... By the end of 2020, the trade war will have killed 900,000 jobs. The hardest-hit sectors: manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, retail."

Josh Gordonestimates he made "upward of $10K" per month selling marijuana while at Baylor, per

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Forget crowd estimates. What happens when the numbers actually matter? US troops killed, terror cells ID'd, North Korean missiles fired?

FACT CHECK: El Paso Fire Department confirms lied about his crowd size -- only 6,500 attended his embarrassing rally. Meanwhile, estimates say up to 15,000 turned out for Beto. #MarchForTruth  #FightForTruth 

At least 4,645 people died in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria, Harvard study estimates, exceeding official toll of 64

Economy growing! Excluding hurricane effects, CEA estimates that real GDP growth would have been 3.9% in Q3. Stock market at a new high, unemployment at a low. We are winning and TAX CUTS will shift our economy into high gear!

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Any updates on the invading caravan? Any updates on what our soldiers are doing down on the border now that they have completed their task of putting down some barbwire (& having it photographed)? Can we get some estimates of the costs of Operation Stop the Invading Caravan?

Inauguration crowd size estimates are in: -Trump 2017: 250,000 -Obama 2013: 1,000,000 -Obama 2009: 1,800,000