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Bill Gates. Esther Dyson. Jeffrey Epstein. James Watson, noted eugenics proponent who was stripped of authority over explicit racism. Richard Feynman, also in John Brockman’s Epstein funded clique.

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Reporters who are digging into the Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein and Melinda Gates story, you’ll want to see if you can get Linda Stone or Esther Dyson on the record.

Masha Drokova’s entry to the United States was arranged by Esther Dyson, who never met a Kremlin attaché she didn’t like, even funded Dana Rohrabacher. Masha Drokova also worked as Jeffrey Epstein’s publicist, in addition to being “Putin’s Kiss. She worked for Putin and Epstein.

I mean. Arianna Huffington has some explaining to do. But Esther Dyson has more.

Remember who Esther Dyson’s father was, and what he did. Freeman Dyson.

Jeffrey Epstein‘s greatest female ally other than Ghislaine, the woman who introduced him to Putin, was Esther Dyson. There are photos of them traveling to sites significant to Russia’s military history together. She was close with Alexei Navalny also. A lot I don’t understand.

Receipts. Look in Esther Dyson‘s Flickr feed, also— there are many photos of Nathan Myhrvold, Esther Dyson, and Jeffrey Epstein all in Moscow visiting government and military sites with the invitation of the Kremlin. In the 1990s.

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I have posted all the photos before I can’t be bothered to find them right now. They’re all on Esther Dyson’s Flickr feed. Esther Dyson’s father was Freeman Dyson. Her brother is George Dyson. You should look them up

I have known Esther Dyson since the 1990s and while I knew that she was working in Russia the whole time I didn’t get it. I didn’t know about her enabling Epstein.