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A year before @NatlParkService  hired the first women park rangers, they hired two sisters as the first female certified nature guides in NPS: one was Esther Burnell, an interior designer turned intrepid mountaineer.

How The Acronym 'TRICK' Helps Educator Esther Wojcicki Remember What's Important

"Abhijit said, 'I'm going back to sleep.'" Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee recall how they discovered they had been awarded the 2019 prize in economic sciences - at 5am in the morning. Which economist(s) will be receiving the call this year?

The week in classical: RPO/ Petrenko; Esther Woo and Yekwon Sunwoo – review

Ahead of a virtual @HSBFest , Hardly Strictly announced $1 million in funding for artist relief grants, the Esther's Orbit Room revival project and concerts in the Tenderloin.

What About the Heroine’s Journey? High time for someone to round out Campbell’s notion of heroes & gender. Ancient books like the Bible have heroines like Esther, Ruth, Deborah and, oh yeah, Mary. @chriscraginday  @alissamarie  @ProfGawain  @ClementeLisi 

Kansas City Fed President Esther George says: - The labor market friction is fading barring a resurgence of virus - A 'normal' economy is likely to remain elusive for some time - Asset buying effects complicate the judging rate change plan

#KCFed President and CEO Esther George spoke today to the @AEI  on "The Long Return to Normal." Read her remarks at #EconTwitter  #Economy 

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Econ Calendar Fri 9/24/21 Release the Fed! Loretta Mester Speaks 8:45 AM ET New Home Sales 10:00 AM ET Jerome Powell Speaks 10:00 AM ET Bowman and Clarida speak Esther George Speaks 10:00 AM ET Raphael Bostic Speaks 12:00 PM ET Baker Hughes Rig Count 1:00 PM ET

Esther’s Closet has helped more than 700 community members dress to impress by providing 2,300 business outfits for free since 2016.


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"There is no reason to fear low-skilled migration." Nobel prize-winning economist Esther Duflo says "the effect of low-skilled migration on low-skilled wages is zero".

Did I miss Trump saying something about the killing of Judge Esther Salas's son? Or did he exhaust his reserves of compassion feeling sorry for Ghislaine Maxwell?

Just a reminder of the crimes committed by just-pardoned Charles Kushner: Kushner was giving illegal campaign contributions to Democrats. William Schulder, the husband of Charles’ sister Esther, came to the office of US Attorney@ChrisChristie  with info about this.

NJ Judge Esther Salas took on Epstein case days before deadly shooting

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Federal Judge Esther Salas has spoken publicly for the first time about a shooting at her home last month in which authorities say a disgruntled lawyer killed her son and seriously wounded her husband.

Federal judge Esther Salas makes public plea after son’s murder, speaking out for the first time in an emotional video. @TomLlamasABC  has the story.

BREAKING: Gunman dressed as FedEx deliveryman shoots husband and son of federal judge Esther Salas at their New Jersey home, killing the son. Salas was in the basement and not injured. Motive unknown - NBC/ABC

A gunman disguised as a Fedex delivery driver broke into the New Jersey home of federal Judge Esther Salas, killing her son and wounding her husband.

Why are Christian missionaries so agitated with an interview conduction by Rajiv Malhotra with one Esther who spoke of her unhappy experience with her conversion to Christianity?

The tomb of Esther and Mordechai in Iran set on fire