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Mangroves are essential to fighting both the ocean and the climate crisis - but they’re in decline. Learn how this school in Seychelles found out how vulnerable this ecosystem was 25 years ago, and the restoration project they have been working on since then!

SM Supermalls have shut down operations except for essential stores as the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in Metro Manila takes effect.

Editorial: It's reasonable to bar the unvaccinated from having spa days or movie dates. But everyone needs access to groceries and other essential goods (via @latimesopinion )

Why do many Americans prefer a country with an essential American culture and values that immigrants adopt when they arrive? LEARN MORE: Join the conversation with . Follow for immigrat #CatoPollson  polic #CatoImmigration  analysis from . @CatoInstitute 

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Neurosurgeon describes 5 essential activities to stay sharp

While oysters are essential for the health of the bay, the commercial appetite for oysters has also been a major incentive for oyster restoration and farming. #NationalOysterDay 

The essential guide to bronzers that swap heavy-handed contouring for realistic radiance—with something for every skin tone.

Camping and caravan: Campers warn of ‘essential thing’ to look out for when buying a van #UndercoverBigBoss 

Invest in your wellness and go beyond your goals with Hyperice, the same technology relied on by our teams to perform at their best. Recovery and self-care are essential, and we are all #UnitedByMovement .

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Undercover Big Boss: Campers warn of ‘essential thing’ to look out for when buying a van #UndercoverBigBoss 


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Selling weed literally went from major felony to essential business (open during pandemic) in much of America & yet many are still in prison. Doesn’t make sense, isn’t right.

The United States Postal Service is vital to ensuring that people have access to essential goods like medicine, toiletries, and voter ballots. RT if you agree the Postal Service shouldn’t be maximized for profits.

So let me get this straight: essential workers are essential to keeping the economy going, but it's not essential to pay them a living wage?

On #PrimeDay , let's not forget. During the pandemic, Jeff Bezos became $97 billion richer by increasing prices by up to 1,000% on essential items and denying hazard pay and paid sick leave to over 450,000 of his workers. It's time to break up Amazon and tax the rich.

This Labor Day, let’s thank all those who've kept our country going this year—nurses, teachers, delivery drivers, food service workers, and many more. We can honor them by building our system back even better—so that essential workers are treated like it, pandemic or not.

My fellow citizens, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO PANIC. Essential commodities, medicines etc. would be available. Centre and various state governments will work in close coordination to ensure this. Together, we will fight COVID-19 and create a healthier India. Jai Hind!

Interesting? By Congress not wanting the special 5 minute testing apparatus, they are saying that they are not “essential”. In any event, we have great testing capacity, and have performed 6.5 million tests, which is more than every country in the world, combined!

We will be, by mutual consent, temporarily closing our Northern Border with Canada to non-essential traffic. Trade will not be affected. Details to follow!

Imagine being incarcerated for a marijuana-related offense and then seeing it deemed “essential business”.