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UPDATED: The debris from the landslide, which came down around 7 a.m. near the Maria Slough Bridge, had been cleared and Highway 7 has been reopened to essential traffic only. #bcstorm  #bcflood 

Stray Rescue of St. Louis sent into panic as Facebook shuts down page before essential donation push

NEW: Highway 99 between Pemberton and Lillooet is now open to essential travel after it was preemptively closed last night.

Public hearings will be held in Frankfort to help determine which essential workers will receive bonus pay:

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A ski resort in B.C.'s Interior is apologizing for comments one of its executives made to local media about the impact of essential travel restrictions for Highway 3 on the tourism industry as the province attempts to recover from devastating floods.

NEW | N.L. search and rescue inquiry report recommends more money, training for 'essential' volunteer groups #cbcnl 

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#Ad Embracing low-carbon #SmartEnergy  solutions have been flagged as essential in delivering net-zero in the years to come. Learn more in our article with @SmartEnergyGB  -

As a member of the @ProChoiceCaucus , I was proud to stand in solidarity with my colleagues in support of #RoeVWade  today as the Supreme Court begins deliberating the biggest threat to a woman’s right to choose in 50 years. Women’s reproductive freedom is essential. @PPFA  @NARAL 

While in our Pet Companion Shelter, animals are able to heal from their trauma and basic needs are an essential part of the healing process. Reach out to our resource center manager Erin to schedule your donation drop off today: @ecastronova #petlovers 

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Extend battery life in space-constrained applications with Analog Devices’ Essential Analog nanoPower modules. ▶MAXM38643 & MAXM17225 feature uSLIC™ technology to reduce solution size by up to 37% Check it out here:

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Selling weed literally went from major felony to essential business (open during pandemic) in much of America & yet many are still in prison. Doesn’t make sense, isn’t right.

The United States Postal Service is vital to ensuring that people have access to essential goods like medicine, toiletries, and voter ballots. RT if you agree the Postal Service shouldn’t be maximized for profits.

So let me get this straight: essential workers are essential to keeping the economy going, but it's not essential to pay them a living wage?

On #PrimeDay , let's not forget. During the pandemic, Jeff Bezos became $97 billion richer by increasing prices by up to 1,000% on essential items and denying hazard pay and paid sick leave to over 450,000 of his workers. It's time to break up Amazon and tax the rich.

This Labor Day, let’s thank all those who've kept our country going this year—nurses, teachers, delivery drivers, food service workers, and many more. We can honor them by building our system back even better—so that essential workers are treated like it, pandemic or not.

My fellow citizens, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO PANIC. Essential commodities, medicines etc. would be available. Centre and various state governments will work in close coordination to ensure this. Together, we will fight COVID-19 and create a healthier India. Jai Hind!

Interesting? By Congress not wanting the special 5 minute testing apparatus, they are saying that they are not “essential”. In any event, we have great testing capacity, and have performed 6.5 million tests, which is more than every country in the world, combined!

We will be, by mutual consent, temporarily closing our Northern Border with Canada to non-essential traffic. Trade will not be affected. Details to follow!

Imagine being incarcerated for a marijuana-related offense and then seeing it deemed “essential business”.