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Taylor Swift’s feud with her record label reveals a little-known fact about the entertainment business: the outsized role private equity plays in funding its biggest stars

The private equity industry, under attack from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, is defending itself with the Popeyes chicken sandwich

Returns have been broadly positive this year for credit and equity markets, despite slowing growth. Dan Ivascyn weighs in on why. #investing  #markets 

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The #bank  was established in 2016 to fund developmental projects as part-time of which it takes both equity and debt interests in projects. Among the close to 60 member countries, India is the second-largest shareholder after #China .

Sometimes your best defense against Elizabeth Warren is the Popeyes chicken sandwich. How the private equity industry is fighting back against her and a growing list of critics in Congress:

As Taylor Swift goes up against private-equity giant Carlyle Group, here’s how the two stack up

Battle heating up over San Diego's proposed cannabis equity program [Top Stories]

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NFL & MLB players' associations team up with private equity via next thing you know @WSJ  they'll be regularly kicking 99-yard field goals & hitting 5 grand slams per game


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All three major equity indices finished higher and at new all-time highs all while there are $360 billion in tariffs current on China exports to the United States. The experts keep talking about tariffs as if market, employment, wages aren't soaring. America is winning.

I stand with the former @Deadspin  workers who decided not to bow to the greed of private equity vultures like @JimSpanfeller . This is the kind of greed that is destroying journalism across the country, and together we are going to take them on.

Jeffrey Epstein and Sen. Dianne Feinstein's husband were co-investors in an exclusive private equity fund

NBC reporting on the 2013 Official Visit to China where Joe Biden brought his son, Hunter. "Unknown to the press back then Hunter Biden was forming a Chinese private equity fund...10 days after the Biden's trip Shanghai authorities issued the funds business license."

30,000 Toys "R" Us workers across the country are losing their jobs. This is what happens when you have a system that allows private equity firms to destroy profitable businesses and throw workers out on the streets with no severance.

For every white male dollar: - Asian American women earn 87 cents - White women earn 79 cents - Black women earn 63 cents - Native American women earn 58 cents - Latina women earn 54 cents Payequity among men and women workers should be established by LAW.

This 23-year-old is both the youngest and the only full-time female equity trader at the New York Stock Exchange.

I’m running for president because we need leadership that will fight for the interests of workers, not just the 1 percent. We must: -Raise the minimum wage to a living wage of $15 -Provide pay equity for women -Guarantee all workers paid family and medical leave

Women are tired of making 79 cents for every dollar a man earns. The fight continues. Pay equity for women. Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act.