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Last night I reunited with an old friend, the legendary Gloria Steinem, just in time for #EqualPayDay .

Passing the #PaycheckFairnessAct  would help close this stubborn gap by allowing women to hold their employers accountable. #EqualPayDay 

The law requires equal pay for equal work. Get the facts on the Equal Pay Act. #EqualPayDay  #WomensHistoryMonth 

On #EqualPayDay , here's a look at the current state of the gender pay gap.

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For #EqualPayDay , we took a closer look at the stocks of 3 companies that are leading the charge in pay equity.

#EqualPayDayReminder: Commitment to equal pay = Commitment to gender equality. It's that simple.

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On #EqualPayDay , @ilo  said that the gender pay gap persists all around the world.

Glaciers are melting faster than the gender wage gap is closing. #EqualPayDay 


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#EqualPayDay is an idiotic statistical lie.

On #EqualPayDay , we are proud to share that at Twitter, all women and employees of all races and ethnicities are paid equitably.

"I'm here to say we will close the wage gap." —President Obama#EqualPayDay 

The pay disparity is even worse for women of color who face a pay gulf, not a gap. #EqualPayDay 

Thanks @Pharrell  for my shoes. Perfect day to wear them. #EqualPayDay 

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It really doesn't need further explanation. #EqualPayDay 

The wages black women lose yearly to pay gap would cover: ❌2.5 yrs of childcare ❌2.5 yrs of college tuition ❌3 yrs of groceries #EqualPayDay 

The average woman makes just $0.79 for every $1 a man earns. RT if you agree we have to fix that. #EqualPayDay 

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It’s 3:20pm which is #79percent  of the work day for many women. It’s about time women are paid equally. #EqualPayDay 

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