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Parents, take a deep breath. How your kids turn out isn’t fully on you. Psychologist @YukoMunakata1  breaks down the complex science of child development in this episode of TED Health. Listen on @Spotify :

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TIRED: Two girls, one cup WIRED: Two girls, one pod Stream@ICYMIPod  (and their latest episode on the reaction video economy) on @Spotify  now:

The latest 🎙️Podcast Episode is Up! I'm addressing one of the most frequent questions asked to me in the last year: 😳How to shield my portfolio against... X, Y, Z? Listen for the answer! *Hint!* It starts with the securities you select!😉

OPINION: Ruto played a persecution card for sympathy “I want to say from the onset that the Ruto airport episode is too much ado about nothing. It’s a well choreographed theatric to milk public sympathy.”

How did Henry Ford’s invention of the cheap tractor pave the way for the Green Revolution? Probably not in the way you’re thinking. Find out on this episode from our archives:

Did one secret treaty set the stage for a century of conflict in the Middle East? Learn how the controversial Sykes-Picot agreement came to be and what it has to do with the story of Jerusalem today in a new episode of #JerusalemSeries . Sunday at 10p ET/PT only on @CNN 

How do you keep a creative business running well? Find out from Kady O'Connell on this Dare to Startup episode as she shares how she stays effective and creative. Listen now:

Keeping A Diary Of Your Guns On A Blockchain with Duane Jacobsen Current episode of digital assets #guns  #blockchain  #security  #safety  #firearms  #crypto  #digitalmarketing 

"We just wanted our brand and the spirit of @bludot  to be straightforward, humble, nobody's too-cool-for-school, inviting everybody to our party," says co-founder and chief executive John Christakos on the latest episode of Inc.'s What I Know podcast.


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The Beloved Show’s next guest @Harry_Styles  reminisces about a comedic episode with host #JamesCorden  @JKCorden . What happened at that diner? #GucciBeloved  #GucciJackie1961  #HarryStyles  #AlessandroMichele 

Are you fricken kidding me with this bullshit already? CNN 'Larry King' episode featuring Biden accuser's mother disappears from Google Play catalog | Fox News

BREAKING: Dexter is returning to Showtime for a 10-episode limited series with star Michael C. Hall, coming fall 2021.

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I’m still glowing from all of the love for “Rain On Me” from the #VMAs ! ? So @ArianaGrande  and I wanted to share some of the fun we had making the video ?‍♀️⛈ Here’s #GagaVision  Episode 48!

Michelle and I have spent a lot of time together these past few months. We’ve had a lot of good talks—and this one’s up there with the best. Take a listen to the very first episode of Michelle’s podcast: .

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No jokes right now. I have dedicated my career to offering education and insight about bipolar disorder and I’m so disturbed by what I’m seeing. Personal opinions about someone aside, a manic episode isnt a joke. If you can’t offer understanding or sympathy, offer your silence.

“The Simpsons doesn’t predict the future...there’s just so many episodes...” May 6, 1993: A Simpsons episode plot has the town of Springfield getting sick with a flu that originates in Asia. While the town begs for a vaccine, murder bees show up.

One more post. I’m done. But watch this and I can tell you you’ve also never seen anything like this either. Fun episode for the brain!!! Love you guys. One more comment after. Love you guys. #BTSonFallon