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My grandmother explaining Episcopalians to me: "Catholics that go to hell."

By the way, new followers: if you want to learn more about progressive people of faith, politics, and protest, I recently wrote a book about it. Naturally, Episcopalians show up (as does St. John's).

Episcopalians lecturing folks about being good Christians is amazing content

Some anecdotal reporting for you this evening: A whole lotta Episcopalians are, in my professional opinion, pretty mad tonight.

@waltshaub  If you’ve seen Episcopalians after coffee hour they can get pretty amped up. These heavily armed men better get extra training in de-escalation tactics.

Ash Wednesday marks the start of Christianity's holiest season. Followers — including Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Episcopalians and Lutherans — put ashes on their foreheads as an outward symbol of their penitence.

episcopalians'>Texas Episcopalians are giving $13 million to repair damage done by their church's racist history.

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As conversations about greater inclusion for women and minorities reverberate nationally and influence Protestant denominations, Perry’s advancement encourages episcopalians'>Metro Detroit Episcopalians as a reflection of progressive steps.

Episcopalians pass resolution calling for inmate Abu-Ali Abdur'Rahman to be moved off death row


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The slurring of Episcopalians by Trump supporters is as offensive as it is stupid. My father was a born again Episcopalian and lifelong conservative. For what it’s worth, when he goes, Trump goes to an Episcopal Church.

Increasing number of right-wing figures undercutting Buttigieg’s religiosity by dismissing Episcopalians as not “really” Christian. Last week, Laura Ingraham derided him as “a traditional Episcopalian, whatever that means these days.”

Jeffrey Lord accidentally admits travel ban targets Muslims: 'We're not being attacked by Episcopalians'

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Yes, trump supporter just said this not a Muslim ban - then said we're not being attacked by Episcopalians. Can't hide from facts @NewDay 

"May the fourth be with you" - Mike Tyson...." And also with you" - church full of half asleep episcopalians

Regardless of what this @WhiteHouse  says, we're not at war w/ militant Methodists, extremist Episcopalians, or radicalized Roman Catholics.

Episcopalians vote to allow gay marriage in churches

BREAKING: Episcopalians approve gay marriage, allowing religious weddings for same-sex couples.