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Old Donation Episcopal has started a monthslong, film-based dialogue series called “Sacred Ground.” It looks at America’s and the church’s own complicated racial history and how to reckon with it.

An African Methodist Episcopal church hit by racist vandalism is trying to move on as the FBI investigates. “I know what God is able to do,” the church's pastor said. "My faith is very strong, and nothing can tear that away from me.”

Protesters were violently cleared from D.C.’s Lafayette Park some 30 minutes before Trump appeared with a Bible outside St. John’s Episcopal Church.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Indianapolis is sharing a message of social change in a big way. News 8's @KatieraWFMZ  sat down with Rector John Denson for the latest "We Stand Together" report.

Protesters were violently cleared from D.C.'s Lafayette Park some 30 minutes before Trump appeared with a Bible outside St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Another pause, just short of St. John's Episcopal Church on Black Lives Matter Plaza, as hundreds have gathered in the heat to pay their respects to the late Rep. John Lewis. WATCH LIVE:

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A church’s call for criminal justice reform reaches Episcopal diocese of central Pennsylvania

The Grace and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church has made sweeping adjustments to their Sunday service, including holding outdoor worship, and forgoing hand-shaking, hugging, communion and coffee hour.


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Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde criticized President Donald Trump for making an appearance in front of the historic St. John's Episcopal Church on Monday, calling Mr. Trump's photo-op a "symbolic misuse of the most sacred texts of our tradition."

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Just an unbelievable use of military and police force to clear out Lafayette Park of protesters for a photo op at St John’s Episcopal Church.

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I’m home & still processing that I saw peaceful protesters teargassed outside the White House so Pres Trump could walk to St. John's Episcopal Church. Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde, who oversees the church, said she is “outraged” to see it used in a photo-op. I’m speechless.

St. John's Episcopal Church was set on fire during the rioting in Washington, D.C., last night. @PressSec  shared about this church's powerful legacy of standing for justice.

Just spoke with Rev. Gina Gerbasi of St. John's Episcopal Church in Georgetown who was at St. John's across from WH yesterday. She says she and others were driven from the area by force. “It was completely unprovoked. I didn’t hear bullhorns saying ‘the president’s coming.’”

We remember the nine innocent parishioners of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston whose lives were tragically taken five years ago today.

Wow. Bishop Mariann Buddy of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington hammering @realDonaldTrump  for using her church for a photo op. “I can’t believe what my eyes are seeing tonight...what on earth did we just witness? The abuse of sacred symbols”

Incredible. Tear gas & rubber bullets, horses & batons to break up a peaceful crowd across from the WH apparently to clear them out all so the @POTUS  could stage a photo op, holding up a bible. at St. John’s Episcopal Church. He did not go inside to pray for forgiveness.