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The EIA 2020 is the greatest threat to our environmental integrity. The new rules are in essence a "Pollute & Pay Scheme", granting polluting industries a free pass to destroy our ecology. The BJP govt is intent on destroying our future. #ModiFailsIndia 

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Australian Vincent crude quality improvement bears fruit as price differentials surge | ➡️ Pyrenees and Van Gogh grades face competition from Vincent ➡️ LSFO demand supported on environmental rules, price spread

Environmental protection officers say they cannot see how it could comply with the Government’s Covid-19 rules.

Among the exec orders that @JoeBiden  has said he’d enact right after taking office are reversing #Trump ’s rollback of 100 public health & environmental rules that #Obama  had in place & rejoining the #ParisClimateAgreement , aiming for higher standards. (via the @washingtonpost )

There are some 300 environmental rules and rollbacks the Trump administration is racing to get out before 2021. A third of these are close to finished.

The EPA took a first step toward setting an emissions standard for commercial aircraft, pleasing the industry and disappointing environmental advocates who sought tougher rules.

Trump promised to dramatically scale back the EPA. The Trump administration has rolled back environmental rules, but the EPA is far from gone.

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There are some 300 environmental rules and rollbacks the Trump administration is racing to get out before 2021, a third of these are close to finished.

Trump to overhaul decadesold environmental permitting rules in bid to speed infrastructure approvals

The document contradicts previous public statements made by provincial and industry stakeholders who suggested the suspension of dozens of environmental rules in April and May was based on public health COVID-19 concerns. #yeg  #COVID19ab 


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Because of its weak, voluntary labor and environmental “rules,” NAFTA cost America millions of jobs and devastated working-class communities. As of today, NAFTA is gone! President@realDonaldTrump  keeps his promises. US 1600 Daily:

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The Trump administration is planning to roll back rules on methane emissions, a major contributor to climate change. It's the 84th environmental rule to be targeted by President Trump. We're tracking them all here.

President Trump has rolled back more than 80 environmental rules, abandoned the Paris Agreement, and directed his administration to bury facts and ignore science. No amount of spin will change that.

BREAKING: Supreme Court of Canada rules companies can't walk away from environmental messes by filing for bankruptcy. Ruling means Alberta’s Energy Regulator can require the trustee of a bankrupt oil company to fulfil its environmental obligations when disposing of assets.

PM’s deal won't get through the Commons. No deal has nowhere near parliamentary majority. We risk chaos. Job losses. Businesses going under. Environmental rules being torn up. This is real people’s real lives, not a Westminster parlour game. It’s time for a #PeoplesVote 

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh shifts the court far to the right, putting women’s reproductive rights, civil rights, environmental protections, worker’s rights, the ability to implement gun safety rules and the ability to hold presidents accountable at risk for a generation.

The Deepwater Horizon spill wasn’t just an environmental disaster, it was a human tragedy. Yet eight years later, President Trump wants to roll back the strong safety rules put in place to prevent the next accident. Our bill would make them law.

Scott Pruitt has rolled back 30 environmental rules in the past 4 months, with apparently 0 regard for children's nervous systems, the earth

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23 environmental rules rolled back in President Trump's first 100 days

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Scott Pruitt's emails shows he was in talks to weaken environmental regulations — the same rules he will now oversee