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To them much is Given. Much shall be a ADDED and ADDED and ADDED and even Taxes will be dropped for them. Thus says the book of Entitlement Chapter 1 and Verse 1.....Here they do not say Amen! They say... Mtado?

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This week, @onthemedia  follows how this latest chapter of unrest follows generations of pain, and how the Karen meme is shedding light on racism and entitlement during the pandemic. Plus: how do we get to a better place?

Alleged admissions fraudster Rick Singer wrote books about how to get into college. Online review: “I found his chapter ‘Who to Bribe and How Much to Pay Them’ a little dry....On the other hand, his chapter ‘The Hidden Dangers of Entitlement’ is spot on.”

The chapter goes on to state “keep him in entitlement and he will vote democrat the rest of his life” | #RedNationRising  #ReleaseTheMemo 

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