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For 18 months, people in the Welsh village of Aberhosan lost their broadband signal at 7 every morning. No one could figure it out. Engineers at BT Openreach - the privatized engineering spinoff from BT - undertook multiple steps, including replacing cabling to the village. 1/

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Crime gang dressed as engineers to steal £500 batteries from BT Openreach boxes

Openreach engineers are still being threatened by members of the public over misplaced fears about 5G - with three incidents of abuse recorded on Tuesday this week alone:

Openreach engineers are still being abused by 5G protesters as they prepare to resume work in customers' homes

Openreach has slammed the incident as its engineers, deemed key workers, need to congregate in the area during coronavirus lockdown measures.

Coronavirus: Openreach tells engineers to avoid entering people’s homes

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BT Openreach halting all new broadband connections or switching of suppliers, will only send engineers into homes in emergency

62,000kg of rock salt, 1,700 snow shovels and 20,000 litres of screenwash at ready as Openreach engineers gear up for cold snap

UK digital network Openreach engineers take 15 electric vans for a spin on their rounds

Telecoms giant Openreach is hiring 3,000 trainee engineers with a starting salary of £20,750


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"We've made big improvements in customer service" BT Openreach's Kim Mears tells Sean Farrington on #wakeuptomoney . The broadband infrastructure provider's hiring thousands more engineers to help grow its ultrafast broadband network. But is it good enough at tackling complaints?

Openreach to hire 3000 engineers as it ramps up internet plans

BT cont: "York BT exchange has been damaged by flood water and Openreach engineers are currently repairing damage to the power supply."