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The Dept of Transportation doesn’t transport anyone. The Dept of Education doesn’t educate anyone. The Dept of Energy doesn’t produce energy. Many of these agencies produce, well, nothing. Big government is not the answer!

Dept of Energy finished their analysis of 57 “gap waivers” it’s now in EPA’s court Sen Ernst & I talked to Wheeler abt not approving these waivers & Wheeler didn’t know how 2deal w them The 10th circuit court decision shld tell Wheeler not to grant waivers @realDonaldTrump 

U.S. Energy Dept recommends granting partial retroactive waivers to refiners -sources #economy  #MarketScreener 

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“Dept of Energy forecast almost no fully elec cars by 2035, based on consult w auto experts” I believe in entrepreneurs+markts AND ban billionaires for great public schools/health/etc Yes @Ocasi @AnandWriteso2018 @vkhosla ⁩ @fredwilsonnd '>@fredwilsonND  ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩

House Dems took up votes to amendments yesterday to a package that would fund the Interior Dept. and EPA through next year. On POLITICO Energy, @AnthonyAdragna  and @AnnElizabeth18  explain that the election will shape how the package ultimately looks 🎧

Co-chaired with US Secy of Energy Dept, Dan Brouillette the 2nd Ministerial of US-India Strategic Energy Partnership, in presence of US Ambassador to India Kenneth Juster, Ambassador of India to US TS Sandhu & delegation from US&Indian sides: Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan


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Page 447: a little over $30 billion for Dept of Energy Wonder if anyone would notice if we had no Dept of Energy Put oversight of nuclear waste in DOD and let supply & demand be our Energy policy

Over the weekend, State and Energy Dept officials were quietly reviewing plans for evacuating 50 nuclear weapons that the US had long stored, under American control, at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey... Wow. by @SangerNYT 

NEWS: RickPerry’s departure from the Energy Dept isn’t imminent, but he handed Trump his letter on AF1. Trump, in Texas for fundraising and a MAGA rally, has privately told people today that he intends to publicly say nice things about Perry tonight.

Far from transparent, Trump has engaged in unprecedented obstruction. He‘s blocking more than a dozen witnesses from testifying. His White House, State Dept, DOD, OMB, and Energy Dept are defying subpoenas for thousands of documents. The American people see through this.

My favorite Cabinet pick is what's his name, umm it's that guy who wanted to eliminate the Dept. of @ENERGY . Hang on I'll think of it...

Rick Perry, once proposed to eliminate Energy Dept., then accepted job running it, all before learning what it does

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Energy Dept. rejects Trump’s request to name climate change workers, who remain worried