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"I'm left-wing, I'm female, I'm mouthy, I've got a lot to say, I'm overweight, I won't shut up..." Emily Thornberry says being called 'a graceless frump' in a book by Sir Alan Duncan is "nothing compared to some of the stuff I've had." @IainDale  | @EmilyThornberry 

"Simply waving a flag and saying 'Great Global Britain' is somewhat empty, it's what you do that's important." This is Emily Thornberry's passionate response to a caller who asked if the UK was turning its back on the world. @IainDale  | @EmilyThornberry 

Waving a flag and saying "Great Global Britain" is an empty gesture, Labour's Emily Thornberry has told an LBC caller. Do you agree with her?

Emily Thornberry gave this fiery response after a caller asked whether the current government has turned its back on the world. @IainDale  | @EmilyThornberry  | #CrossQuestion 

Shadow International Trade Secretary Emily Thornberry warns "there will be people who will be marginalised" by Covid vaccine passports. Do you agree? @IainDale  | #CrossQuestion 

Emily Thornberry the Shadow International Trade Secretary tells LBC "there is no excuse" for the violence happening in Northern Ireland, urging people to seek a democratic solution. @IainDale  | #CrossQuestion 

UK Labour have hit out at the government for using trade figures to respond to Brexit concerns raised by industry groups. Emily Thornberry said she was "struggling" to see how their use of figures is “consistent with what is legally permitted.”

"Things are looking better... I hope that America will move into a new phase of its history and the world welcomes it." Emily Thornberry describes outgoing US President Donald Trump as "reckless and thoughtless". Get the latest from the US:

'If you want to have a trade deal, the govt needs to consider the human rights record of the country involved.' Emily Thornberry says the Labour Party is "concerned" that parliament has 'little say on trade agreements'. Today's top stories:


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"It is inappropriate, and frankly sexist, to speak in those terms." Speaker John Bercow reprimands Boris Johnson after he referred to the shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry by her husband's name.

Knowing how hard everyone across government is working to tackle #Coronavirus  makes it very difficult to hear people like Emily Thornberry criticising and carping from the sidelines in the name of political point scoring. #bbcqt 

Do you think Emily Thornberry is the type of person to call people stupid?

'This duplicitous, gutless, reckless prime minister has been elected on one issue alone.' Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry vows to continue Labour's fight to save the country from Johnson's Brexit

Enjoying Emily Thornberry's tweets against the millionaires backing the Tories. She must secretly be worried about what will happen to her multi-million pound London property portfolio if the socialists get in.

Here is Emily Thornberry, who mocks the ??????? flag, happily wearing the ??. And here is Labour, which is refusing to implement the referendum AND blocking a general election, brandishing “Trust the People” placards. #DemocracyDodgers 

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As Emily Thornberry predicts another General Election before next summer. @MatthewStadlen  asks: who would you vote for?

Labour's Emily Thornberry​ asks Damian Green where the extra £1bn the Government has promised the DUP is going to come from.