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The inside story of how California failed mass coronavirus testing, by @Emily_Baum 

The servant from Tipperary who took on the household chores leaving more time and space for Emily Dickinson to write. #IrishHistory  #EmilyDickinson 

This week in the night sky, see Jupiter in opposition. @Emily_Schuitema  explains:

You'll be able to watch @lilycollins 's new show, Emily in Paris, on Netflix! Get more details about the show here:

I broke down the incredible Relic with Emily Mortimer and Natalie Erika James.

SEE PHOTOS | Emily Ratajkowski, 29, shows off blonde hair and toned stomach with mirror selfie

Netflix and ViacomCBS have closed a deal to bring Darren Star’s "Emily in Paris" to the streaming giant

Darren Star's 'Emily in Paris' is moving to Netflix. Find out when the series starring Lily Collins is set to arrive.

Financiers Malcolm and Emily Fairbairn gave $5 million to Harvard for Lyme disease research and programs.


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The entire story in 54 seconds. As told by Emily@maitlis 

Well, this is awkward in more ways than one. He fer SURE heard me say Emily.

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She has been known to the world as “EmilyDoe,” the sexual assault victim of Stanford swimmer Brock Turner. Now she’s revealing her name and face. Chanel Miller, here reading her victim impact statement, gives her first interview to "60 Minutes"

“A translator always makes choices.” emily wilson'>Classicist Dr Emily Wilson is the first woman to translate The Odyssey into English - and she found that many men before her added sexist or misogynist terms that never existed in the original Greek.

This appalling killing hasn’t got the attention it warrants because of Coronavirus. A random deranged woman stabbed this poor little 7-yr-old girl to death as she was playing in a Bolton park with her family on Mother’s Day. An unimaginable horror. RIP Emily. 🙏

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I would say - and for once I'm actually vaguely qualified to comment - that BBC managers, already bruised by lack of access to ministers, have bowed to pressure from the government & let Emily Maitlis down very badly.

* No questions about Cummings at the briefing. * Emily Maitlis humiliated by the BBC for telling the truth. Looks to me like people are rolling over to Govt pressure.

We are so sorry to announce this, but we are going to have to cancel Glastonbury 2020. Tickets for this year will roll over to next year. Full statement below and on our website. Michael & Emily

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