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I urged the SEC to investigate reports that Emergent’s CEO dumped $10M of stock before it announced it had ruined 15 million J&J vaccine doses. There's now quadruple the number of reasons that the SEC must investigate this apparent act of profiteering.

At issue is the Emergent BioSolutions plant in Baltimore which was shut down by the FDA in April after it reported that J&J doses were likely contaminated by a drug material intended for the AstraZeneca vaccine, also being manufactured at the plant.

Friday night, 630 pm. Canada Govt announces it will be discarding the J&J Covid-19 doses made at Emergent factory in Baltimore.

The @US_FDA  now authorizing about 10 million doses of the J&J vaccine made via Emergent's key ingredient reports @ABC  .. Meanwhile, @nytimes  reporting that 60 million doses of the J&J vaccine produced with Emergent's facility will have to be discarded.

Roughly 100 million doses made from bulk vaccine produced at Emergent’s factory had been set aside for additional testing by FDA staff after factory employees accidentally contaminated a batch.

J&J and Emergent wouldn’t give any details on the size of the batches that are usable, nor those being discarded.

The Food and Drug Administration announced Friday that it had determined that two batches could be released from the plant, which is owned by Emergent BioSolutions and has been shuttered for eight weeks.

The US Food and Drug Administration announced Friday it was authorizing for use two batches of Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccines that were produced at the troubled Emergent BioSolutions facility in Baltimore.

The government agency based the decision on quality-control problems at the Emergent BioSolutions plant where the vaccine was made.


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Breaking News: Emergent BioSolutions, the company whose plant in Baltimore ruined millions of coronavirus vaccine doses, spent years building influence with political donations. Its founder now must answer to Congress.

Reports that Emergent's CEO sold $10M of stock weeks before the announcement that his company had ruined 15 million J&J vaccine doses appear to show an egregious example of pandemic profiteering. I’m asking the SEC to investigate for insider trading.

Emergent took millions of dollars in taxpayer funds, made big promises, and then utterly failed in this crisis. This apparent profiteering is yet another example of the Trump administration's questionable contracting decisions that require extra scrutiny.

This is not the first time Emergent has thrown out Covid-19 vaccines. Between October and January, the firm discarded five lots of AstraZeneca vaccine — each with two million to 3 million doses' worth — because of contamination or suspected contamination.

Officials with the firm, Emergent BioSolutions, claimed the mistake was an isolated incident, but our investigation found a pattern of lapses at the factory that suggests that the vaccine mix-up reflects deeper quality concerns.

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J&J issues statement on #covid19  vaccine supply after NYT report that mistake at Emergent BioSolutions plant ruined 15M doses & has halted future shipments in the US while the FDA investigates:

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Trump’s foreign policy has damaged the United States’ ability to address problems before they reach U.S. territory, compounding the danger emergent threats pose, write former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, @KoriSchake , Jim Ellis, & @JoeFelter .

"I have seen so many emergent intubations. I've seen people more sick than I've ever seen in my life." COVID ICU nurse Lacie Gooch hopes you will listen. @UNMC_ID  @unmc  @Prof_Lowe  @DanielWJohnson9  @kcawcutt  @JamesLawler11