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$SBNY Signature Bank - Common S Top stock up 306% from low. Close: 308.44 VolvsAvg: 1.38 Liq: $209M

$OZK Bank OZK - Common Stock Top stock up 109% from low. Close: 44.53 VolvsAvg: 1.15 Liq: $28M

We had that $AMD $UOA last week as well, 10/14/2021 9:44:53 am last Thursday - $AMDBullish Call Buying of 30,000 October 111 calls - At the same time buyer of 15,000 October 112 calls - $AMD Stock was $111.11 Today closed $116.43.. #RebelsRunnin  with #GiddyUp  @investitute 

$IEO iShares U.S. Oil & Gas Ex Top stock up 163% from low. Close: 64.44 VolvsAvg: 1.36 Liq: $14M

Multnomah County woman, 44, one of 24 Oregon COVID deaths in latest report

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Thousands of runners will fill the streets for the first time in more than two years as the 44th Union Home Mortgage Cleveland Marathon makes its in-person return on Sunday.

The family of a delivery worker who was killed in New York City over the weekend is speaking out. Tears streaked down 44-year-old Muhammad Ahsan's face as he thought about his brother-in-law Mia Sala's last moments. @Christinafan75  reports.

Of the 4,266 stocks with listed options, 1,893 (44%) closed higher and 2,209 (52%) closed lower. Among the 500 most liquid single stocks, 30-day implied volatility was higher for 268 and lower for 183.


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K-Pop idol @JAYBDEF___ , whose single 'Switch It Up' was no. 1 on iTunes in 44 countries, opens up about his solo image, his favorite designers, and the importance of mental health. Read our interview here:

Don’t let the fearmongers win. New public England study of delta variant shows 44 deaths out of 53,822 (.08%) in unvaccinated group. Hmmm.

Marvin Gaye died 36 years ago today, in Los Angeles. He was 44. His isolated vocal track from “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” (1968) remains a stunning achievement. ? (via @MeredithFrost )

BREAKING: 'Saved by the Bell' star Dustin Diamond has died at age 44, weeks after he was diagnosed with cancer, his manager says.

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The numbers speak for themselves! Pres. Trump has provided health care SAVINGS to our seniors. AZ—premiums ⬇️22% after ⬆️64% w/ Obama-Biden. NV—premiums ⬇️55% after ⬆️47% w/ Obama-Biden. NC—premiums ⬇️44% after ⬆️44% w/ Obama-Biden. OH—premiums ⬇️39% after ⬆️29% w/ Obama-Biden.

This veteran running against Maxine Waters just dropped their most ?ad. Maxine lives in a mansion. Outside her district. After 44 years in office - Maxine’s district looks like a warzone. Wow. @joecollins43rd  just destroys Maxine here. RT

Those arrested for breaking the law in Kenosha came from 44 different cities. Chaos is being shipped in.

Sleepy Joe Biden (mostly his reps.) went crazy when I banned, in late January, people coming in from China. He called me “xenophobic” & then went equally “nuts” when we let in 44,000 people - until he was told they were American citizens coming home. He later apologized!

In the past 4 months, the U.S. has added 29 more billionaires. In the past 4 months, the U.S. has lost more than 44 million jobs. The economy is rigged in favor of the wealthy and corporations.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: A wonderful 44-seconds. This was how the peaceful protest concluded yesterday — with one of the organizers giving the state police water that was donated to protesters. Please listen to his words.?❤️