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Pear Therapeutics is going public in a $1.6 billion SPAC deal. Its projected revenue reveals just how hard it is to make money with a doctor-prescribed app.

Life changed in an instant for Kris when, at the age of 15, the Golden State Killer crept into her family home and brutally raped her. 42 years after the crime, Kris reveals how she was finally able to heal from what happened to her. More here: #InsightSBS 

Imagine no possessions — it’s easy if you’re Elon Musk | opinion

Danish survey reveals widespread corporal punishment of kids despite ban

With Dogecoin losing 75% of its dollar value in six weeks, desperate investors are urging Elon Musk to intervene again and send the price upwards.

When the body of Donna Steele was found, the community of Cooktown were keen to help solve the crime. Donna's brother, and one of the investigating detectives, reveals how a familial DNA search gave them the answers they were looking for. Read more here:

Elon Musk's SpaceX could offer global Starlink satellite internet coverage by September, its president says

GlobalFoundries Fab Expansion Reveals New Strategy. #economy  #markets  #investing 

Elon Musk's SpaceX could offer global Starlink satellite internet coverage by September, its president says

Elon Musk special guest of Italian Tech Week in Turin


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??Tonight at 7pm:?? EXCLUSIVE: Channel 4 News investigation reveals a huge Trump campaign data leak, exposing how 3.5 million Black Americans were listed as ‘Deterrence’ - to try to stop them voting in 2016. #DeterringDemocracy 

We are in a moment in American history where two guys — Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos — own more wealth than the bottom 40% of people in this country. That level of greed and inequality is not only immoral. It is unsustainable.

Every time Elon Musk pokes fun at government assistance for the 99%, remember that he would be worth nothing without $4.9 billion in corporate welfare. Oh, Elon just l-o-v-e-s corporate socialism for himself, rugged capitalism for everyone else.

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Wealth of Elon Musk on March 18, 2020: $24.5 billion Wealth of Elon Musk on January 9, 2021: $209 billion U.S. minimum wage in 2009: $7.25 an hour U.S. minimum wage in 2021: $7.25 an hour Our job: Raise the minimum wage to at least $15, tax the rich & create an economy for all.

EXCLUSIVE: The DEA has been granted sweeping authority to “conduct covert surveillance” on people protesting over George Floyd’s death, a secret memo reveals

BREAKING: UK’s Channel 4 has obtained a huge data leak from Trump’s 2016 campaign. The leak reveals personal data of almost 200 million voters used by Trump’s campaign, which manipulated algorithms to deter millions of Black Americans from voting.

Repeating myself and others here, but the reason Lindsey Graham won't get tested despite having been exposed to many COVID+ people is because if he reveals a positive test and has to quarantine the Amy Coney Barrett nomination could get scuttled. There is no other logical reason.

This is the most devastating political ad I’ve seen in years. It reveals the truth about Trump and China, and that truth is ugly.

So let me get this straight: Elon Musk doesn't think the government should bail out the American people during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, but he has no problem collecting government subsidies and tax breaks to line his own pocket?

What a hypocrite. Elon Musk has received billions in corporate welfare from U.S. taxpayers. Now he wants to stop 30 million Americans who lost jobs from receiving $600 a week in unemployment benefits, while his wealth has gone up by $46.7 billion over the past 4 months. Pathetic.