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#BREAKING  : Elliott Abrams says the targets of US sanctions will involve the judge who sentenced #Iranian  wrestler #NavidAfkari  to death

elliott abrams'>Special Representative Elliott Abrams: To all Venezuelans who struggle for free elections and a restoration of democracy, we continue to pledge our full support.

elliott abrams'>Special Representative Elliott Abrams: Free elections & a return to freedom, the freedom and prosperity that Venezuelans used to have, are possible. And the United States will continue to support the Venezuelan people until that day comes. #EstamosUnidosVE 

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#BREAKING  : US special envoy for Venezuela and Iran Elliott Abrams says the US is concerned about Tehran's cooperation with North Korea and will do whatever it can to prevent it #IranSanctions  https://

elliott abrams'>Special Representative Elliott Abrams: A cornerstone of our policy in Venezuela has been to support the diverse and broad array of democratic actors fighting for liberty and democracy there.

#BREAKING  : US envoy Elliott Abrams says once US sees UN arms embargo on Iran as reimposed, international arms makers will face #USsanctions  if they deal with Tehran

As the Ayatollah courts arms agreements with China and Russia, the Trump administration is preparing a new round of sanctions on Tehran that Elliott Abrams said "will have a very significant impact." Via @jackbeyrer 

elliott abrams'>Special Representative Elliott Abrams: We welcome the support for democracy in Venezuela from every country, particularly from every democracy around the world. #EstamosUnidosVE 

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CODEPINK Denounces Elliott Abrams’ Appointment as the Next U.S. Special Representative for Iran @codepink 


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Elliott Abrams, convicted of lying about Iran-Contra, named special representative for Iran

Trump's Venezuela point man Elliott Abrams: -Backed death squads in Latin America that murdered 1000s for right-wing dictators -Lied to Congress to cover up treasonous Iran-Contra affair -Led 2002 US coup attempt in Venezuela Still think this is about democracy & human rights?

Special Representative for #Venezuela  Elliott Abrams: We support Interim President@jguaido ’s efforts; the barrier to a peaceful resolution remains Maduro’s refusal to step aside.

Put simply, Elliott Abrams is one of the most evil sociopaths to occupy high office in the USG - up there with Kissinger - and belongs in several prisons: in the Hague & in the US. Words can't express the guillability required to believe an operation he leads is "humanitarian".

elliott abrams'>Special Representative Elliott Abrams will meet with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov and other Russian officials in Rome March 18-19 to discuss the deteriorating situation in #Venezuela . S/R Abrams will also meet with Italian Prime Minister DiplomaticAdvisor Benassi.

It continues to be stunning - dizzying - how many people who have spent 2 years calling Trump a racist, xenophobic, fascist, dictatorial monster are now willing to believe he, John Bolton & Elliott Abrams are just sending "humanitarian aid" to help liberate The Venezuelan People.

. announced today that Elliott Abrams will lead efforts on to help the #venezuelalan '>Venezu #Venezuelalan  people fully restore democracy and prosperity to their country. #EstamosUnidosVE 

Roses are red Violets are blue Elliott Abrams is a war criminal and does not belong in any government position ever.

Call me crazy but, as genuinely awful as Maduro is, I don't have a ton of faith that Donald Trump, Elliott Abrams (!) and John Bolton playing a very aggressive cold-war style hand are going to make life better for Venezuelans.

Pleased to hear that my good friend Elliott Abrams is rejoining State as Special Envoy for Venezuela. Welcome back to the fight.