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@MazMHussain  Been thinking about this since that Elizabeth Rubin piece in the Intercept remembering the reactions of various Bosnians that the country couldn’t fracture because everyone had all intermarried, lived together; etc. Iraq too

What a great piece (and a must-read) from Elizabeth Rubin: “I Watched War in the Balkans. Here's What I See in America” @ezruby ⁩ @theintercept ⁩

What flips civil strife into civil war? A well-planned agenda, charismatic leaders, fear, and the whittling down of history and all its complexities into a narrative of collective destiny — ours against theirs, us against them, writes Elizabeth Rubin.

Elizabeth Rubin on insomniac 2020 dread summoning up memories of living under siege with Sarajevans who’d thought it couldn’t happen there

I watched war erupt in the Balkans. Here's what I see in America today. by Elizabeth Rubin

‘Are you serious right now?’ Jennifer Rubin says Bernie Sanders should be pushed to explain ‘why [Elizabeth] Warren would make something up’

'Are you serious right now?' Jennifer Rubin says Bernie Sanders should be pressed to explain 'why [Elizabeth] Warren would make something up'


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The June Solstice Issue of The Planetary Report Is Out! Small-Body Rendezvous features articles by Cecilia Tubiana and Martin Rubin on Rosetta's science and by Makoto Yoshikawa and Elizabeth Tasker on Hayabusa2 at Ryugu. Cover pic processed by @landru79 

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'WHA?' Jennifer Rubin's take on Elizabeth Warren attempt to own Trump shows she'll 'fall for anything'

From the Archive: Elizabeth Rubin’s 1998 story about the L.R.A. and its practice of abducting children in Uganda