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Eli Lilly CEO David Ricks discusses raising $1 billion for antibiotic research. He says the goal is to have two to four new antibiotics by 2030.

“There is no viable market today for antibiotics and the pipeline is near collapse,” said Eli Lilly chief executive officer David Ricks.

Sermonix to collaborate with Eli Lilly to study lasofoxifene/abemaciclib combo $LLY $LGND

Eli Lilly CEO Dave Ricks joins us 12:30pmET today on @HalftimeReport ⁩ to discuss the pharma industry’s $1B investment in new antibiotics + Lilly’s #COVID19  drug development. Tune in!

Lilly Endowment Inc Sells 205,000 Shares of Eli Lilly And Co $LLY Stock

Check out yesterday's STAT Plus Conversation with @matthewherper  & Eli Lilly’s Dan Skovronsky on Covid-19, Alzheimer’s, and the place of entrepreneurs in pharma. @LillyPad  #COVID19  #Alzheimers  #STATPlusConversations  The discussion: Watch a clip below 👇

$LLY: Eli Lilly to collaborate with Sermonix Pharmaceuticals to study lasofoxifene in combination with abemaciclib


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What do these corporations have in common? Amazon Chevron Eli Lilly Halliburton General Motors Honeywell Duke Energy Deere Aramark CMS Energy Occidental Petroleum Netflix IBM Kinder MorganDevon Energy ... they avoided all federal income taxes last year.

Amazon CenturyLink Chevron Deere Delta Air Lines Eli Lilly FedEx Gannett General Motors Goodyear Honeywell JetBlue MGM Resorts Netflix Prudential Financial Starbucks Whirlpool Total federal income tax paid by these companies last year: $0

Pharmaceutical CEO salaries: Merck: $55 million Pfizer: $50M Eli Lilly: $30M Johnson & Johnson: $26M AbbVie: $23M This greed must end. The function of prescription drugs must be to protect and improve human health—not make corporate executives unfathomably rich.

The inventors of insulin sold the patent for just $1 so it would be available to all. 97 years later, Americans are dying because drugmakers like Eli Lilly charge $300 for a vial of insulin. Tomorrow I will be joining diabetics to buy insulin in Canada for one-tenth the price.

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I don't think massive corporations like Amazon, Delta, Eli Lilly, FedEx, JetBlue and Netflix should continue to get away with paying $0 in federal income taxes. We're going to make them pay their fair share. And we're going to invest in the working people of this country.

Today in 1922, researchers at the University of Toronto announced the discovery of insulin. They sold the patent for $1 so it would be available to all. 97 years later, Eli Lilly is charging ~$300 and Americans die because they can’t afford their medication. Outrageous.

What do these corporations have in common? Amazon Chevron Deere Delta Duke Energy Eli Lilly Gannett General Motors Goodyear Honeywell JetBlue Kinder Morgan MGM Resorts Netflix Prudential Financial Whirlpool Answer: they all paid nothing in federal income taxes.

Yesterday I identified 6 companies who donated significant amounts to state politicians who have enacted abortion bans this year @ATT  ($196K) @LillyPad  [Eli Lilly] ($66K) @Walmart  ($57K) @pfizer  ($53K) @CocaCola  ($40K) @Aetna  ($26K) So far none has responded You can help

Under Trump's "middle class tax cut," at least 60 profitable Fortune 500 companies paid $0 in federal income taxes. Let me say that again—Amazon, Netflix, Eli Lilly, Chevron and other massive corporations effectively paid nothing in federal taxes. That's a national disgrace.

The nomination of Alex Azar, who ran Eli Lilly’s U.S. operations over the last decade, shows that Trump’s campaign promises to lower drug prices were nothing more than empty campaign rhetoric.