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10am we’re trying something that hasn’t been tried on live TV be4. We’re running a LIVE focus group with people who don’t know how they’re going to vote in #GE2019  from across UK to see how they’re feeling about this elex, the political leaders & their policies @BBCTwo  @BBCNews 

Nikki's Dream: Trump falls b4 2020 elex despite her ostensibly loyal defense; GOP craves a charismatic successor (not Pence); the "draft Nikki" movement begins. Centrist voters worried by "socialist" Dems flock to her. (She can't wait to 2024 since economy will tank b4 then.)

After Sunday's elex, Spain is even more politically paralysed than before, with the Ciudadanos erstwhile swing party nearly wiped off the map -and ext.right Vox surging. Législatives en Espagne : qui a gagné, qui a perdu ? - Sud

Morrison also told lawmakers that he spoke with Taylor again on Sept. 7 to share a “sinking feeling” about a worrisome conversation between Trump & Sondland, in which Trump insisted Zelensky had to publicly announce he was opening investigations of Biden & 2016 elex interference.

On Sky News at Breakfast tomorrow.... @skygillian  is out on the razzle tonight so I have the delight of working with @alisoncomyn  We will cover all the elex latest, plus talking about the fall of the Berlin Wall, regional dialects and @KSIOlajidebt  @LoganPaul  fight. See you at 7

10am: busy busy busy - Boris Johnson leaves Downing St for an audience with the Queen ahead of the official general elex campaign starting. We’ll talk to candidates about the controversies so far, fake news, fake tweets and fake leaflets @BBCTwo  @BBCNews 

In Feb 2019 interview, Poroshenko flatters Trump on Fox News; seeking his endorsement in upcoming elex? he lost

On @MSNBC  this morning tried to answer three questions: Are Americans in more danger since Baghdadi was blown away? What game is Trump playing with Syria's oilfields? And why are U.S. allies so upset Trump wants them to rewrite Russia's role in 2016 elex?

@BrendanNyhan  I strongly suspect that there is *no* TV advertising, even by incumbents, in most of these races. I’ve never seen a TV ad for state senate, state house, even most sub-gov/ltgov statewide elex


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Reminder: it was Hurd’s specific q about Russianelex meddling that led to this striking response from Mueller: “It wasn’t a single attempt. They’re doing it as we sit here, and they expect to do it during the next campaign.” Compare that to Rep. Radcliffe’s line of questioning.

Barr letter re Mueller investigation: 19 lawyers. 40 FBI & professional staff. 2,800+ subpoenas. 500 search warrants 500 witness intvus. 0 evidence of Trump/Russia collusion on elex disinfo campaign. 0 evidence of collusion on hacking. Big Fat Zero.

Aboard #AF1  neither Mnuchin nor McMaster deny @POTUS  "accepted" (as Russian FM Lavrov said) Putin's denial of US elex cyber meddling.

#JamesComey is CONVINCED the FBI’s reputation is tarnished because of . No - YOU were in charge when Russia meddled in the 2016 elex. YOU were the one running a biased shop ( & #PeterStrzok  anti #LisaPagetrump  txt messages). So, please drop the holier-than-thou indignation!

DeSantis supporters saying Gillum should be jailed — outside Broward Countyelex offices as recount starts.

Let's review: -- FL gov orders probe of vote count in D area -- Georgia R oversees own election -- Trump loyalist will constrain Mueller -- Trump uses military to boost GOP in elex -- WH uses faked video against reporter The pattern is unmistakable:

Alabama elex spox John Bennett just told me that if the GOP withdraws their nomination of Moore, and notifies their office, he will remain on ballot but even if he gets most votes, won't be certified as winner b/c party has withdrawn nomination.

Double-checked on this: Tiffany Trump is, in fact, registered to vote in PA & NY, per elex officials & state elections websites

In elexCongrats Call, Trump Asked Argentine Prez Macri to Deal w Permitting Issues Holding Up Building Project

This is an incredible moment - A GOP nominee refuses to distance himself from Putin + condemn a Russian leader trying to influence a US elex