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From @fisheyefoto : "The renovated and reimagined Stanley A. Milner Library is a triumph, a non-denominational community cathedral dedicated to the idea of elevation, in structural form, yes — but also of a yearning human spirit." #yeg 

I will say that as a long-time watcher of Boeing and how it grooms execs, I would be considered among the "many" who see his likely elevation to the top spot.

Dana Lawson had her left leg amputated more than a decade ago. Since then, she's been on a quest to fulfill a promise she made to her mom. This month, she hit her goal: to hike 2,350 feet in elevation and swim in Lake Angeles

TIFF 2020: In the most uncertain film market ever, Canada’s Elevation Pictures plays the optimist

From the editors: So-called experts and the mainstream press derided AviBerkowitz's elevation to a top negotiating position on President Donald Trump's Middle East peace team. On Tuesday, President Trump signed a peace deal Berkowitz helped orchestrate.

#AppleEvent  – You can get a constant blood oxygen monitor access anywhere, anytime as well as your elevation change in real time on Apple Watch Series 6. Catch Live Updates Here:

Indulging some Bruce love (while remembering that my views on post-2005 albums were more mixed) as WindBackWednesday gets back into The Rising. Songs of sadness, elevation, hope & loss. And Mary's place.

The Jets, who I don't believe protected any practice squad players last week, have protected four this week: RB Josh Adams WR Josh Malone DB Javelin Guidry LB Alec Ogletree Given the injuries, Adams, Malone and Ogletree all are candidates for a "standard elevation" on Sunday.

Apple Watch Series 6 shows your elevation as you're hiking and makes it easier to see the display on sunny days. #AppleEvent 

Apple Watch 6 is 20% faster than the 5. No word on battery yet. new features: -measure blood oxygen -See your elevation when hiking


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With the elevation of Kamala Harris, the radical left-wing mob’s takeover of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party is now complete.

I see the elevation of Evgeny Lebedev to the Lords as similar to the withdrawal of American troops from Germany. Putin is sitting there with a few choice cronies & betting them that he can get Trump & Johnson to do things that even Kremlin kleptocrats will struggle to believe.

Justin Gallegos, a runner at Oregon with cerebral palsy, thought he was just finishing another cross country race. Little did he know, Nike was waiting at the finish line to offer him a pro contract (via / Elevation 0m)

Congratulations to Justice Neil Gorsuch on his elevation to the United States Supreme Court. A great day for America! #SCOTUS 

LEBRON OFF THE INBOUND ? The elevation ?

Spoke to President Xi of China to congratulate him on his extraordinary elevation. Also discussed NoKo & trade, two very important subjects!

Robert E. Lee was a traitor and a slaver. And as reminded us in 2017, “Lee’s elevation is a key part of a 150-year-old propaganda campaign designed to erase slavery as the cause of the war and whitewash the Confederate cause as a noble one.”

Breaking wind from CNN! Jim Acosta suffers severe nose bleed from the elevation of his high horse. Taken to safe space and provided with Play Dough, a popsicle, pictures of a pony to color and a puppy.