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election-day reality check from @TimOBrien ⁩: “message from officials who supervise voting in 40 states: We’ve got this. Republicans and Democrats emphasized their work is bipartisan. years of planning for cyberhacks, months for covid protocols”

We're less than two weeks out from #ElectionDay . What's on your ballot:

University of Michigan students hit with stay-at-home order until #ElectionDay .

More than 35 million Americans have voted with two weeks until #ElectionDay :

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With only two weeks to go until #ElectionDay , do you know who you are voting for? #Vote2020 

What other companies are offering paid time off on #ElectionDay ?

Voters in some states will decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana in their states this #ElectionDay 

#ElectionDay is 2 weeks away. Right now SC lawmakers have concerns about #voting 

We're just TWO weeks away from #ElectionDay ! Here's everything you need know before you head to the polls ✔️ #vote 

Some states allow absentee ballots to count if voters die before #ElectionDay :


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I've been told a few times I should run for President, but I think there are enough boobs in the race already ;) #ElectionDay 

FINAL PUSH! Eric and I doing dozens of radio interviews. We can win this thing! GET OUT AND VOTE! #MAGA  #ElectionDay 

Today is #ElectionDay  and we have the chance to prove that “we the people” is more powerful than “us vs. them.” #IVoted . Did you?

Today is an election of enormous consequence. I hope everybody gets out to vote. #ElectionDay 

If you are experiencing voter intimidation, immediately call 1-866-OUR-VOTE. #ElectionDay