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"While Americans in red states want health care, the Trump administration doubles down on its opposition to Obamacare, siding with the Republican attorneys general seeking to overturn the Affordable Care Act," writes Eleanor Clift

Trump has confirmed more appeals court judges in one term than any president since Jimmy Carter. "He is the first president since Richard Nixon to serve a full term without placing a single African-American on them," writes Eleanor Clift.

"Trump’s efforts to use federal force to dominate streets around the White House exposed the subservient status of a city that must answer to [the government] for how it spends money....without full voting representation" in Congress, writes Eleanor Clift

"Choosing to live in a crime-stressed neighborhood in Newark, the city New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker once led as mayor, gives him a perspective that America sorely needs at this time," writes Eleanor Clift

Eleanor Clift if suspicious of Paula White's current role as Trump's special adviser to the Office of Faith and Opportunity becaue it's "blurring of public and private events and how they intermingle with her White House special staff position"

Last check, the Constitution doesn't mention the WHO as being one of our rights as Americans. This is how ridiculous today's journalists have become. Imagine if Eleanor Clift was as good a journalist as she thought she was at constitutional law.

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NEW: Fiona Hill talks to Eleanor Clift about Russia amplifying coronavirus discord in the U.S.—and about how her student group was unexpectedly detained in a Soviet airport, tested for HIV and then quarantined in 1987.

"Adam Schiff is in his element—and may be baiting Donald Trump into an executive-privilege trap," writes Eleanor Clift.

ELEANOR CLIFT FLASHBACK: Remember when impeaching a president made you comparable to the Klan?

"The conventional wisdom is going to say that Pelosi needs to send the articles asap. But there are four words to live by: Don’t doubt Pelosi’s instincts," says Eleanor Clift.