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For a Torontonian in Washington, it sounded like someone had just won the World Cup. And it went on for hours, writes Washington Bureau Chief Edward Keenan

As so often with Trump, knowing precisely what the truth is may be tricky, writes Edward Keenan.

Edward Keenan#analysis : Donald Trump and Joe Biden — ‘There’s nothing smart about you’ vs. ‘You know he’s a liar’ — square off in rude rumble of a debate #2020debates 

Instead of supporting organizations that resolve disputes and maintain world order, the U.S. has pursued a much more transactional style of foreign policy under its current president, Edward Keenan writes.

The outpouring of grief for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the remembrance of her contributions shaping American law, was very quickly also turning toward a fight ahead, writes Edward Keenan.

OPINION | Canadians really do not like President Donald Trump @realDonaldTrump . And their distaste for the U.S. president @POTUS  is dragging their opinion of the entire country down to record low levels, Edward Keenan writes

Virtually every month brings apparently game changing news about the U.S. election, but the scoreboard reads the same, writes Edward Keenan.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma Saturday night, President Donald Trump dramatically lifted a glass to his lips with his right hand and took a sip. The president of the United States demonstrated he was capable of operating a drinking glass, writes Edward Keenan.

A 75-year-old white man bleeding on the ground was the latest galvanizing image from an evolving U.S. crisis. The protests are about unjustified police violence, and people are seeing unjustified violence play out every day, writes Edward Keenan

Incidents of police violence are hard to watch, but easy to galvanize around. Harder to grasp is the ongoing reality of racial disparity in the United States, writes Edward Keenan


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Want your children to learn about respectful behaviour and accountability when it comes to sex? The Progressive Conservatives may have scrapped the new sex-ed curriculum, but they're providing plenty of reading material for our kids, Edward Keenan writes.

A new slogan for Trump supporters: Give me liberty and give me death. Edward Keenan:

After seven years of trying, Councillor Mike Layton finally succeeded in winning support for a motion to make wastewater polluters pay the cost of treating the water they dump off on the city, writes Edward Keenan.

Time to face it, writes Edward Keenan. This is a Canadian city. We get winter here. Sometimes big cold snowy winter. We should be ready for it.

It isn’t like this is some secret, writes Edward Keenan. For years, many of his supporters, and those of his late brother before him, have not only been aware of this trait, but have considered it one of his most attractive qualities.

Ford dispenses with even the pretence that democracy, fairness, or even efficiency have anything to do with how a system of government should operate. He isn’t even willing to conceal how he and his government are operating in bad faith, Edward Keenan:

Toronto mayoral candidate Jennifer Keesmaat has "set the standard" for big ideas, columnist Edward Keenan writes, putting forth a plan that would "address the biggest issue facing the city."

What is the purpose of having these fights and debates and processes if Ford will throw a bomb to destroy all our work on a whim? Edward Keenan writes.

As we grieve our dead in the coming days, the whole city will keep the victims in our prayers. Let us also carry Const. Lam’s courageous example in our hearts, Edward Keenan writes.