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Has anyone else realized that if Edmonton and Toronto are the NHL hub cities, then a Stanley Cup final will be played in Canada for the first time since 2011?

🗣 NUUUUUUUUGE! RNH is back in Edmonton & participating in Phase 2 skates with many of his #Oilers  teammates. #LetsGoOilers 

The promotional video of (mostly not) Edmonton worked! 😂 (🎥: @jkenney )

I’m guessing the rationale for that decision is simply based on public health/safety/numbers. Whatever the reason(s), Edmonton it will be.

I've written it since the git-go. Edmonton was the only bid to check and the boxes. And if you examine it minus perception problem of the city from January when it's -30, it topped Toronto's in every single category. The Stanley Cup Final should be in Edmonton.

Hubmonton! Edmonton and Toronto picked as NHL hub cities, multiple sources report