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Lawyer for the US (Clair Dobin) says Assange considers himself "above the law" and above the considerations of those who lost considerable sums of money after offering bail sureties before he went to the Ecuadorian embassy

Julian Assange has been denied bail today, with a judge ruling that the Wikileaks founder represented a flight risk and was “willing to flout” a court order. He previously fled to the Ecuadorian Embassy when last granted bail.

Fitzgerald QC : "The experience of going to the Ecuadorian embassy was in the end an extremely unpleasant experience leading to him being confined for 7 years & a change in the govt leading to a change in the position. That is something he never likely to repeat " #assange 

Their embassy stay is said to be the longest diplomatic asylum saga in history, lasting a full 22 years beyond WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s well-publicised seven years in London’s Ecuadorian embassy (via @IrishTimesWorld )

“We are here to complain and request they take down the article.” #JulianAssange  protesters took to @guardian  offices over an article written by Luke Harding claiming the @wikileaks  co-founder met with Paul Manafort inside the Ecuadorian Embassy, which they say is untrue!

fwiw, I can still link to the @guardian 's totally debunked fake news story alleging that Paul Manafort met Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy

Assange jumped bail in 2012 and sought asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, which ended up becoming his home for seven years before he was evicted and subsequently arrested

#5yrsago  CIA black-site torture survivors sue shrinks who made $85M overseeing CIA torture program Police end round-the-c #5yrsagolock  Assange detail at London’s Ecuadorian embassy 8/

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#Assange's lawyers 'priority targets' of US-backed espionage of Ecuadorian embassy, court told


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WATCH: Moment Julian Assange is CARRIED out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

URGENT: Ecuador has illigally terminated Assange political asylum in violation of international law. He was arrested by the British police inside the Ecuadorian embassy minutes ago.

PHOTO: Heavily armed 'police' appear outside Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Julian Assange has political asylum…

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URGENT Julian Assange did not "walk out of the embassy". The Ecuadorian ambassador invited British police into the embassy and he was immediately arrested.

Julian Assange was expelled from the Ecuadorian Embassy for exposing Pres. Lenin Moreno’s corruption in the #INAPapers  Moreno’s secret account (money laundering): 100-4-1071378 Balboa Bank Panamá.

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WikiLeaks launches legal fund to sue the Guardian for publishing entirely fabricated story "Manafort held secret talks with Assange in Ecuadorian embassy" -- which spread all over the world today. It is time the Guardian paid a price for fabricating news.

Watch the full version of John Pilger's interview with Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London...

BREAKING: London police say they've arrested WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy.

The greatest traitor in Ecuadorian and Latin American history, Lenin Moreno, allowed the British police to enter our embassy in London to arrest Assange. Moreno is a corrupt man, but what he has done is a crime that humanity will never forget.

19 mins ago at 2:47am an unknown man scaled the side wall+window of the Ecuadorian embassy in London; fled after being caught by security.