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If there's a signal to short the market, its @paulkrugman 's approval of the @Joe Bidenecon plan if Biden is elected: The Very Strong Case for Bidenomics

Penn Wharton@KentOnMoney  finds Biden's $3.4T in tax increases (largely on the rich) would be *beneficial* to econ growth, in part because of change in GILTI incentives. It also finds his health plan would *hurt* growth. Lots to unpack here:

“On the econ­omy, the most im­por­tant player in Mr. Abe’s “Abe­nomics” re­vival plan re­mains on the job: Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda, who was hand-se­lected by Mr. Abe in 2013” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he will resign, citing health

The Trea­sury De­part­ment be­gan im­ple­ment­ing Pres­i­dent Trump’s plan to al­low pay­roll tax de­fer­ral, which he says will help the econ­omy weather the pan­demic-in­duced re­ces­sion.

on covid, seems bleakest since March. No unified plan for opening schools, college plans may fall apart, with unlimited resources MLB had a mass outbreak anyway, multiple hotspots, no deal for fiscal aid/econ relief despite months of warning and worsening economy.

#China to approve new 5-year plan in Oct, state media report. Pres. Xi & leaders pledge to ensure support for H2 (monetary policy to be more flexible, targeted; fiscal more proactive.) Xi also said China would strive to achieve 2020 econ, social goals.

BREAKING: Despite the spike in #Covid  cases in Florida, brokerage firms continue to be inundated with calls from clients discussing moving there given the social unrest and economic problems in NYS-NYC and @JoeBiden  tax plan. Could deepen NYC/NYS econ hole. More now @FoxBusiness 

Something notably absent from Bidenecon plan is any talk of an M&A moratorium.

Folks, NOW: we're heading into a critical final hr of trade with dueling presidential election policies: @realDonaldTrump  soon on hispanic initiative, and @JoeBiden  will unveil his econ plan. First, we are just getting tape of @POTUS  answering questions. @ClamanCountdown 

Eurozone shares +3.4% US shares +1.9% with strong retail sales, Powell saying econ may be bottoming out & talk of an infrastructure plan (altho hard to see that passing Congress) US 10 yr yld +3bp to 0.75% Oil +1.9% Gold -0.1% Iron ore +1.9% ASX futures +0.6% $A 0.688 w $US +0.2%


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Real econ risk is if things go wrong, WH doesn't have a plan & doesn't have any competent personnel to come up with one. Trump's econ brain trust consists of a guy who plays an economist on TV, a nutcase the entire (real) econ profession has disowned, & the producer of LegoBatman

#MiniSanders #Buttigieg  has NO plan for our econ! Check out his website. Nothin! There's no excuse. By this time 4 yrs ago, most GOP candidates put forward a tax plan. (I should know, I read every single one & @realDonaldTrump  ’s was the best for creating prosperity. #TrishRegan 

NEW: Pete Buttigieg just released his new econ plan. It has: -Free college for those make <$100k -Universal pre-K -Public option on health care -Expanding EITC (tax credit for <~$55k) -Free childcare for poor kids <5 -2 mil. more affordable housing units

MY PRO-GROWTH Econ Plan: ✅Eliminate excessive regulations! ✅Lean government! ✅Lower taxes! #Debates   #BigLeagueTruth 

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But Larry Summers, who helped guide the country out of the Great Recession a decade ago, says the government should plan for contingencies. And he tells WaPo that Trump’s econ moves are out of a “banana republic” playbook.

Today I announced I'll outline a plan for a Green New Deal, accelerating US transition to 100% clean energy. The 1st pillar will be investing in people & communities that powered our economy for decades. The econ benefits of a Green New Deal must reach every corner of the country

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McCain econ advisor, Mark Zandi, found that under Hillary's plan our economy would gain 10.4 million jobs in her first term alone. #VPDebate 

Trump back on message - @realDonaldTrump  focuses on uniting GOP around econ plan. Wilbur Ross joins #FoxLDT  7pm

Shocker: a wealthy candidate developing an economic plan that would make him, his heirs, his friends and his econ advisors a lot wealthier.

Trump's econ plan in a nutshell: tax cuts for the rich; Wall St dereg.Essentially, his populist rhetoric is a giant bait & switch.So cynical