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Former McDonald’s CEO easterbrook'>Steve Easterbrook said the restaurant chain shouldn’t be allowed to claw back $37 million of stock grants in his severance because the company got the “benefit of the bargain” in negotiating his departure.

Ex-McDonald’s CEO easterbrook'>Steve Easterbrook says in court filings that the company got the “benefit of the bargain” from his severance package and shouldn’t be allowed to claw it back

The ex-girlfriend of ousted McDonald's CEO easterbrook'>Steve Easterbrook reveals the 'surreal and panic-inducing' trauma of becoming a tabloid sensation #WallSt 

The ex-girlfriend of ousted McDonald's CEO easterbrook'>Steve Easterbrook reveals the 'surreal and panic-inducing' trauma of becoming a tabloid sensation

i'm doing the gregg easterbrook thing where i write down in my notebook that the game is over

I spent the last month digging into what went down with McDonald's ex-CEO easterbrook'>Steve Easterbrook – who alleged had sexual relationships with 4 employees during his last year leading the company + is currently being sued by McDonald's

Insiders reveal how former McDonald's CEO easterbrook'>Steve Easterbrook went from the chain's savior to its worst nightmare as sex-scandal accusations threaten to envelop the fast-food giant via @businessinsider 

@Kate_H_Taylor  spoke to Denise Paleothodoros, a recent ex of former McDonald’s CEO easterbrook'>Steve Easterbrook, whose relationships with multiple employees has since led to his ousting.

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I spoke with McDonald's current and former corporate employees, franchisees, and even Easterbrook's ex-girlfriend, who very graciously shared what it was like being pulled into an insane corporate sex scandal

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Ousted McDonald's CEO easterbrook'>Steve Easterbrook lied about engaging in sexual relationships with multiple employees, the company alleges in a new lawsuit

BREAKING: McDonald's says it's suing ousted CEO easterbrook'>Stephen Easterbrook, alleging he had multiple relationships with employees and destroyed evidence.

Breaking News: McDonald’s sued its former CEO, easterbrook'>Steve Easterbrook, alleging that he had concealed evidence of sexual relationships with 3 employees

McDonald’s CEO easterbrook'>Stephen Easterbrook, fired for having an inappropriate relationship with an employee, is getting a severance package of nearly $42 million — more than double the $15.9 million he made in 2018. More socialism for the rich, capitalism for everyone else.

If Amazon and Disney can pay $15 an hour, so can McDonald's, which made $5.1 billion in profits last year. My message to McDonald's CEO easterbrook'>Steve Easterbrook: No one in America, especially those working for a profitable corporation like McDonald’s, should be living in poverty.

Former McDonald's CEO easterbrook'>Stephen Easterbrook is getting an exit package of almost $42 million. His compensation is putting a new focus on the widening gap between the pay at the top and bottom of the corporate ladder.

#BREAKING: McDonald's fires CEO easterbrook'>Steve Easterbrook after relationship with employee

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BREAKING: In a statement, McDonald’s says CEO Easterbrook was fired after the board determined that he “violated company policy and demonstrated poor judgment involving a recent consensual relationship with an employee. “

BREAKING: McDonald’s says it has fired CEO easterbrook; dow jones'>Steve Easterbrook; Dow Jones reports his ouster comes after a relationship with an employee.

I'd like McDonald's CEO easterbrook'>Steve Easterbrook to explain why the company had enough money to reward its wealthy shareholders with $7.7 billion in stock buybacks, but reneged on a commitment it made to its low-wage workers to pay them at least $1-an-hour above the local minimum wage.