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Ducks with duties. 🔎 Learn more about how nature is helping us to save the planet: HAg2td4eyd#sdi20 

4. Around the world, women are at the frontline of the #COVID19  response. They comprise 70% of the total pandemic response workforce. Yet, are paid __% less as compared to their male counterparts with the same duties & same working hours. #EqualPayDay 

In a statement, Avid expressed concerns about the probe that might lead to the imposition of safeguard duties on imports and result in more expensive vehicles. | @roycanivel_inq 

Akani Simbine 'sprints away'  from dad duties: International athlete Akani Simbine’s baby mama has accused him of bolting from his duties as father to their nine-month-old son.

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Seane Corn never thought her duties as yoga instructor would one day include warning people about the dangers of international right-wing conspiracy theories. Now, she's pushing back against QAnon.

The year is 2038. 43-year-old Rashard Higgins has arrived at training camp and early reports are he is the favorite for No. 3 duties. For real this time though. (Higgins has played 2 snaps tonight)

"The president’s imbalanced COVID-19 messaging is another instance of the asymmetric concern that has been a hallmark of his presidency. His passions are deeply misaligned with the duties of his job," @jdickerson  writes:

As an employer, there are legal duties you must meet for automatic enrolment. Find out what happens if you don't comply, from @TPRgovuk  > #BSHelpline 

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The performance marketing arm of Horizon Media was awarded TV media agency of record duties for Jenny Craig, only a few months after it lost WW International’s North American media business.

Govt amendment to IM bill: will only "disapply" some of NI protocol and withdrawal agreement etc "only in the case of, in our view, the EU being engaged in a material breach of its duties of good faith" So it still retains right to disapply


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Trump isn't trying to win. He's trying to get within cheating distance. Many top officials are placing their official duties and the levers of government at the disposal of his effort to hold power while losing the popular vote. I compiled 7 big examples:

Republicans are committed to making sure the Postal Service remains well equipped to fulfill its important duties. But the Senate will not pass stand-alone legislation for the Postal Service while American families continue to go without the help they need.

The sudden removal & replacement of Acting IG Glenn Fine is part of a disturbing pattern of retaliation by the President against independent overseers fulfilling their duties to conduct oversight on behalf of the American people.

We cannot tolerate an American secret police. I will be introducing legislation to require uniformed federal officers performing any domestic security duties to clearly identify what military branch or agency they represent.

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. is taking over hosting duties for us at the , and look who #BBMAshe  got! Army, your boys look SO good on the red carpet! ?

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The Federal Reserve is derelict in its duties if it doesn’t lower the Rate and even, ideally, stimulate. Take a look around the World at our competitors. Germany and others are actually GETTING PAID to borrow money. Fed was way too fast to raise, and way too slow to cut!

To: Republican colleagues From: Everyone else Date: Today Re: Constitutionalduties After diplomat Taylor’s testimony you can no longer question whether this happened. The question is if you choose to follow the law or be part of the cover-up. We look forward to a response.

Queen Elizabeth found out that a member of the Royal Family was friends with pedophile Epstein The Queen: - Banished them from Buckingham Palace - Stripped them of Royal duties - Banned them from conducting business - Cancelled their Birthday Party What did Hillary do to Bill?

I encourage all Members to be mindful that comments made on social media or in the press can adversely affect the ability of House Committees to obtain the truthful and complete information necessary to fulfill their duties.

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I am pleased to announce that our very talented (fill in the blank) will assume the duties of the more talented (fill in the blank) until they are in turned replaced by the still less talented (fill in the blank). He will be great!