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duterte'>Mayor Sara Duterte said the reclassification will be implemented on Wednesday, according to information relayed to the local government by the IATF. | @kmanlupigINQ 

𝐋𝐎𝐎𝐊: President Rodrigo#Duterte  during his visit to Jolo, Sulu today. | via @melalesmoras  (📸: Sen. Bong Go)

‘A Thousand Cuts’ Trailer: Ramona S. Diaz’s Docu About Journalist Maria Ressa And Press Freedom In Duterte’s Philippines Sets Theatrical Run

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duterte'>President Rodrigo Duterte flew to Jolo, Sulu, on Monday to address government troops and check on the condition of wounded soldiers there. | @JMAurelioINQ 

The thorny issue remains one of the most contested aspects of the ties between the Philippines and China, with Filipinos criticizing duterte'>President Rodrigo Duterte for placing the ruling on the back burner as he nurtured close ties with China. READ:

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Metro Manila unlikely to transition to more relaxed quarantine as Duterte government is set to announce new quarantine measures

EARLIER: duterte'>President Duterte visited Jolo, Sulu where he talked with government troops and visited wounded soldiers. (Photos from Sen. Bong Go) | @JMAurelioINQ 

LOOK: PresidentDuterte's talk to troops in Jolo, Sulu on Monday (📷Sen. Bong Go) | via @arianne_merez 

LOOK: PresidentDuterte's talk to troops in Jolo, Sulu on Monday (📷Sen. Bong Go) | via @arianne_merez 


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Philippine lawmakers formally shut down the country’s largest broadcast network, the latest major blow against the news media as duterte'>President Rodrigo Duterte cracks down on outlets that have been critical of his leadership

Had a useful exchange with duterte'>President Rodrigo Duterte about COVID-19 and other issues. I thanked him for taking care of the Indian community in the Philippines.

BREAKING. In the middle of the coronavirus health crisis, duterte'>President Rodrigo Duterte approved the anti-terror bill.

[FROM THE ARCHIVES: December 04, 2019] duterte'>President Rodrigo Duterte: “Your franchise will end next year. If you are expecting that it will be renewed, I’m sorry. You’re out. I will see to it that you’re out.” | @JMAurelioINQ  @Inq_Researchers 

To our president, duterte'>President Rodrigo Duterte, there are so many opinions after each time you speak, but I choose to look over all that’s said and simply follow what I know my God wants me to do; and that is to keep you covered in prayer. God bless you sir...God bless us all🙏🏼 PH 🙏🏼

I find it very strange that President Trump has such a hard time getting along with the leaders of the world's major democracies but feels very comfortable with despots and authoritarian leaders like Putin, Xi Jinping, Duterte and Mohammad Bin Salman.

Remember when I said Trump & his allies are scumbags? Trump is an immoral, indecent, & inhumane thug. He loves Putin, genuflects for Kim Jong-un, loves killer Duterte, wants to be in power for life like Pres. Xi, & is willing to sacrifice children. He needs 2B stopped. Impeach45

Trump laughed as Duterte shut down questions. "You are the spies," Duterte said, referring to press. "Hah, hah, hah," Trump said laughing. "You are," Duterte repeated. (per WH pool)