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Former SAS medic Dusty Miller is a good man, traumatised by the savagery he witnessed in Afghanistan. He tells investigative reporter Nick McKenzie how his service dog 'Kilo' has changed his life. Watch Dusty's incredible story on @9NowAU : #60Mins 

In a secret briefing, Special Forces Commander Adam Findlay revealed more and more whistleblowers like Dusty Miller are coming forward about how a small number of their SAS soldiers went off the rails and murdered the weak and the innocent. Watch: #60Mins 

Former SAS medic Dusty Miller genuinely fears for his life because of what he’s doing: breaking the SAS code of silence. #60Mins 

Dusty Miller says he is speaking out for a simple reason: “It’s the right thing to do.” The former SAS medic hopes that by coming forward, other operators may also choose to tell their stories. #60Mins 

Former SAS medic Steve Thomson and Former senior medical officer Dr Dan Pronk believe fellow Dusty Miller set the standard in the battlefield. #60Mins 

Dusty Miller did report the death of the man, farmer Haji Sardar as soon as he returned to base that day in 2012 but says his concerns were brushed off by senior colleagues. #60Mins 

SAS medic Dusty Miller has developed severe PTSD from having an innocent Afghan ripped from his care and killed. The trauma of the incident has landed him in the psychiatric ward for veterans in Melbourne 3 times. #60Mins 

Dusty says during his deployment in 2012, the line between right and wrong started getting very blurred because a small number of Dusty Miller’s fellow soldiers seemed too eager to kill and maim. #60Mins 

Dusty Miller’s background as an accountant led him to stock up on home essentials to keep his staff at @MillerBBQFamily  employed before the coronavirus crisis hit Belton.

Dusty Miller is a CPA and co-owner of @MillerBBQFamily  in Belton. Their revenue is at 100%, and he credits it to their drive-thru operation, and selling grocery items through their new Miller’s Grocery List pre-order system.


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What army medic Dusty Miller saw happen to an injured detainee in Afghanistan is now subject to a war crimes investigation. #60Mins 

Sienna Miller wore a dusty rose #Burberry  Fall 2016 gown to the 2017 #BreakthroughPrize  ceremony at NASA Ames over the weekend.

Look at the mucky line above the Dusty Miller landlord's head in Mytholmroyd. That's how high the flood water rose.

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In #Cannes , for the "MacBeth" screening, Sienna Miller wore a #Gucci  dusty rose silk georgette tiered gown.

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