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Trump's death penalty spree ends with Dustin Higgs, days before Biden's inauguration, writes @hannahcrileyy . As long as the death penalty exists, it will be a funhouse mirror, warping our understanding of justice and mercy. Biden must abolish it.

Corey Johnson and Dustin Higgs Are 12th & 13th Federal Prisoners Executed Under Trump

Dustin Higgs’ execution is the 13th, and final, federal execution carried out by the Trump administration in the past six months.

Execution of murderer Dustin Higgs was ‘rushed through as part of cost-saving deal'

Trump couldn’t tweet in his last week as president but he could make sure 3 more people were executed. Dustin Higgs, who maintained his innocence until his death, was the 13th and final person killed during Trump's presidency. @jessicaschulb  # via @huffp 

Trump administration carries out 13th, final federal execution, killing Dustin Higgs

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The U.S. government put to death Dustin Higgs early Saturday, concluding the Trump administration's effort to revive federal executions.

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The execution early Saturday of Dustin Higgs concludes an unprecedented run of executions since July, when Trump resumed the federal death penalty after 17-years.

Dustin Higgs, convicted of ordering the killings of three women in a Maryland wildlife refuge in 1996, was the third to receive a lethal injection this week at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.


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Dustin Higgs was a father, brother, and friend. His life mattered. He did not deserve to die — nobody does. We have to end the death penalty.

Remember: Dustin Higgs never killed anyone. The man who carried out the murder that Higgs was executed for received a life sentence. Maryland, where the crimes were committed, has since repealed the death penalty. This system is completely arbitrary and must be abolished.

JUST IN: US government executes Dustin Higgs for role in murder of three women in 1996

BREAKING: US Supreme Court allows Federal Government to proceed with execution of Dustin Higgs

Dustin Higgs is scheduled to be executed by the federal government today. Dustin did not kill anyone — a fact that is undisputed. The prosecutors in the case actively misled the jury to secure a death sentence for him.  Dustin Higgs should not be executed.

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Dustin Higgs was executed last night - the final killing in what has been an unprecedented use of the federal death penalty by the Trump Administration.

In the final days of his presidency -- amid calls for his resignation -- President Trump intends to carry out three federal executions. On Friday he plans to kill Dustin Higgs, who in recent weeks has been corresponding with me from death row

Sentenced to death for a triple murder in Prince George's County in 1996, Dustin Higgs is scheduled to be executed on Friday. He would be the last federal inmate to be put to death during President Trump's term.

BREAKING: The court just delayed the executions of Corey Johnson and Dustin Higgs while they recover from COVID-19. They contracted COVID in the government’s rush to carry out these executions during a pandemic.

Attorney General William Barr had directed the Bureau of Prisons to schedule the executions of Alfred Bourgeois, Cory Johnson, and Dustin John Higgs. Dec. 11, Jan. 14, Jan. 15. Barr still hasn’t acknowledged that Joe Biden is the president-elect, but that’s a bit of a hint.