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Report card: ds'>Straight Ds. Teacher’s comment: Such a wasted opportunity.

What do you think about the idea that former President Obama and others are holding rallies for Biden, but he is not doing his own? (I'd love to hear from Ds and Rs.)

Ds will not legitimize a 'process' that's a caricature of illegitimacy. But we'll remind Rs who they're harming by ramming thru a nom to gut the #ACA . VTer Mary Scott is rightly worried about what will happen to those like her with #preexisting  conditions if Rs kill #ACA .

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Thanks Nintendo, but we already had a great remake of the original on DS! How about bring that to Switch... and then a two-pack of The Binding Blade and The Blazing Blade so we can finally see where Roy comes from?

Rs not debating Ds in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama Senate races (no debate in Michigan either so far) Jones on Tuberville: “He's proven that he’s a quitter at his job, and now he’s proven he’s just kind of a coward” @marianne_levine ⁩

Tweet 1/4 ds'>Florida Ds & Rs have reversed traditional roles with Ds winning absentees and Rs winning in-person early vote yesterday. What's not traditional is the volume of votes right now (3.7m!) & the size of the D margin: 486,797 votes. It's huge

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99% of the strategic guidance from Rs toward Trump is rooted in the notion he'll have a miraculous personality transplant. The advantage Ds have is simple: they know that's impossible. This @maggieNYT  @katieglueck  joint on final debate sums it up:

... This could also have an effect on down-ballot elections. If it rains on E-Day, or COVID procedures cause long lines, or there’s a big local ball game, D’s banked votes become big in a lower-turnout E-Day scenario.


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I was a registered independent for 20 years. I never subscribed to the Sorkinian concept of Dems as good and Republicans evil. I voted for Rs, Ds, third parties. But having watched successive GOP administrations destroy this country, I stand corrected. And I stand with @JoeBiden .

Another foolish, hysterical D theory is going down the drains watching the USPS hearing. It’s amazing the Ds could have even planted a story about postal interference in the election. But when the MSM is on your side, I guess you can do almost anything.

Michigan held a primary on August 4, two weeks ago. Almost one million people voted in person. There were 801 new covid cases in MI on 8/4. There were 653 new cases yesterday. In-person voting can be done safely. Ds and media need to stop scaring people about in-person voting.

It’s time for an R to pull a dsey graham'>Lindsey Graham and call into question the conduct of Ds at this hearing. They won’t allow the AG to speak. They give him no time to respond to Qs. Everyone knows witnesses often disagree w Members - but gagging a witness goes too far. This is wrong.

Polling shows nearly 7 in 10 Americans support an immigration reform package that includes DACA, fully secures the border, ends chain migration & cancels the visa lottery. If D’s oppose this deal, they aren’t serious about DACA-they just want open borders.

There was no conceivable political advantage for the 30 or so newly-elected Ds from districts @realDonaldTrump  carried in 2016 who voted for impeachment today. None, They voted their consciences and upheld their oaths, even at risk to their careers. They deserve our respect.

PER THE CONSTITUTION: The time for “discovery” passed. The Senate now tries the case as they wish. Senate democrats and main stream media knows this but wants to change the rules, same rules D’s demanded upheld at house hearings. Let’s let @realDonaldTrump  get back to business??

The waste of time in the House is now over. What a total waste of time. ds'>Partisan Ds never accepted the results of the 2016 election. This is their revenge. That’s what this is.

Hilarious watching Ds scramble as their precious COLLUSION! narrative dies a slow, painful (hilarious) death. Meanwhile Trump is working to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula & keep our economy humming. DC Dems could join in & #MAGA , but they hate Trump more than they love America

Questions I hope reporters will ask Ds about the caravan: 1) Do you support letting all of them into the US? 2) Are there any you would send back? 3) Once they’re here, who should pay for their health care? 4) Who should pay for their housing/food? 5) Where should they live?